Wednesday, 26 October 2016

To My Girl. Love The Skin You're In

To my beautiful girl

You are 5 and you are the most wonderful creature. You have endless legs that I have no clue where they have come from and the most beautiful, wonderful clear skin. Sometimes you look like a porcelain doll. Recently you've been a bit worried about as one of your teeth has fallen out so your big cheesy grin is not quite so big and cheesy. But you needn't worry. You're gorgeous. And I'm here to say you will always be gorgeous.

Recently Mummy has been a bit poorly and can't quite get around as much as she is used to. It's nothing too serious and hopefully you will never remember the time she couldn't take you on the school run or whizz you up to Rainbows in the car. It is just a blip. But whilst all this is going on it has taught Mummy something important. It truly matters not what you look like. Just that everything works. There will be times in your life when you're not just worried about a cute missing tooth. You might think your belly is too big. Or your nose too long.

I want to eat you for my tea

You may worry that someone else is prettier than you. Is thinner that you. It's normal and Mummy has had those times too where she wished she was petite and didn't quite enjoy tucking into cake quite so much. But these weeks in bed, when I have been lying here and crying, waking up in the middle of the night and wishing things were different all I have wanted to do? Is get you up, get us all dressed and go to the park and kick leaves around with your crazy brother and laugh and laugh and laugh. That's it.

I haven't wanted to jump out of bed and be a gorgeous size 10. I haven't wanted to look in the mirror and see a smaller nose. All I've wanted to do is to work again. For you. To be the best I can be for you. Your body does not define you. You can still laugh whether you are a size 6 or a size 26. You can still love if your boobs are big or tiny. And whilst at some times you feel the way you look defines you I can promise you it doesn't. There is room for everyone no matter what size or shape or colour.

Still laughing when my legs are dimpled and my belly is big!

You are perfect. Forever perfect to me. I can promise that you will have some horrible fashion mistakes that will make me go "GOOD GOD". But that's what being a Mum is, not quite understanding what their teenage daughter wears. However regardless of however you look? I will always be here just wanting to shove you in the car and go and kick leaves around the park whilst we scream with laughter.

Yours forever

Mummy xxx


  1. This is lovely Emma, you're right she is beautiful bless her. Being unwell makes you think doesn't it? I have a whole different outlook on life since being diagnosed, I really enjoyed this post, a lovely read xxx ps hope you're feeling better and having a nice half term xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  2. She is a beauty, as are all of you! I do hope this means you are back to being upright and in less pain! GORGEOUS is all I see. M'wah!

  3. I can so relate to this! I recently was diagnosed with MS and everything has shifted. I still think about diets but to be healthy, not to look good. I want more than anything now to make the best out of our lives and enjoy the here and now xx

  4. YES!!! Erin is gorgeous and funny just like her mummy and so is ur little boy! Its so nice to hear that such a strong message is out there. I think my boys are the most gorgeous boys but that not just their looks! their laughter is infectious their minds are a wonderful maze of pure amazement! It is time this little generation grow up knowing its whats inside the counts the most l. There are fewer and fewer genuinely nice good people in the world . The media and misconceptions have ruined the youth of today and even our generation. It is time to be genuine and honest. It is time to be yourself no matter what and be proud and stuff the people who try and put us down because everyone is unique and that needs celebrating not discriminating!!

  5. Amen to that! Such an important lesson for girls and so important to drip-feed them these messages from an early age. Here's hoping all of our daughters always know how beautiful they are.

  6. So sorry you've not been well recently. Hope you are better love. This is such a moving, wise letter every child should read. Nothing matters more than health. A close relative has been really unwell all year; it's hit us all so hard but isn't something I've blogged about (not my story to tell) but times like this, brings everything into perspective. Health and happiness above everything x

  7. Such an important message to draw from an unhappy time. So true and so spot on - your little girl is one lucky lady to have you and your wise words xx


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