Monday, 24 October 2016

What's REALLY In A McDonald's Happy Meal?

When I was growing up it was seen as the ultimate treat to be taken to McDonalds with my parents. It wasn't something that we did that often but when we did? We relished every second of it. This is a tradition that I've continued with my own daughter. Going to get a Happy Meal is her idea of heaven. So when I was asked to take a look at the variety of different options available in today's Happy Meal? I knew that I would have a willing reviewer on my hands and I was looking forward to learning more about the changes they've made in the past 15 years to ensure their meals are more balanced.

For the first part of the review we were told we would receive a 'little' product from McDonalds in the post to unbox on YouTube. Imagine my surprise when the BIGGEST Happy Meal box EVER turned up on the doorstep. It made me laugh so much and I knew that the kids would never let me get rid of it. Inside were some of the bits and pieces that accompany today's Happy Meals. Of course you get the toy which is the always the highlight of any trip to McDonalds but did know you that 55 million storybooks have been given out since 2012?

Also children can now choose to have carrot sticks or fruit bags if they don't fancy fries. Surprisingly less than a quarter of parents chose to buy their Happy Meal with a sugary fizzy drink. My girl always loves hers with a milk. For some reason it makes her feel all fancy. Take a look at the unboxing video below, see me struggle to pick it up and what was inside it. The next part of the review was to go and visit a local McDonalds and try out a Happy Meal for ourselves.

My girl chose to have chicken nuggets which I was pleased to find out are 100% white chicken breast. Also I never knew that McDonald's had reduced the fat in their cooking oil by 83%. Whilst she opted for a fruit bag it was good to discover if she did decide to eat fries the total amount of salt in a typical Happy Meal had been reduced by 47%. I couldn't very well let her eat alone so I had a burger meal and was reassured to find out that all McDonalds burgers are 100% British and Irish meat. To find out more about what goes on behind-the scenes have a watch of My Virgin Kitchen's video below.

It was brilliant to discover more about my daughters favourite McDonalds treat and that there are a variety of options for her and me to choose from. To learn more about the secrets of getting kids to balance treats with good food choices BritMums is hosting a #GoodToKnow Twitter Party from 1-2pm on 25th October. To learn more about the changes McDonalds have made to their menu then visit them here.

I'm working with McDonald's and BritMums in a paid relationship, to challenge misconceptions about what's in a Happy Meal and about the changes McDonald's has made across its menu over the last 15 years. Find out more here 

Extra McDonald's Facts!
Salt: based on Chicken McNuggets, Fries and a Fruit Shoot now and in 2003
Saturated fat: changes to McDonald's restaurant cooking oil between 1992 and 2010
Books: based on annual Happy Meal book promotions since 2012
Happy Meals: served after 10:30am

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  1. Ha ha Emma of the past! It looked very yummy :) Your girl looked super happy with her meal :) xx


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