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Five Steps From 'School Run Mum' To A 'Going Out Out' One!

Since becoming a Mum I have fallen in love with makeup. It may be to do with the fact that larger luxuries such as a new outfit seem a bit over the top, but I don't mind forking out a couple of quid on new eyeshadows. When I'm feeling exhausted and I look a bit of a state? I can shove blusher on as I run out of the house and feel more human. I also love mooching around Boots when I have the odd ten minutes to myself so I was excited to be sent some of their Natural Collection makeup range to review.

They asked me to create a look that I would wear that could easily move from my natural day time Mum/work duty look, to one perfect for a festive evening night out. Because long gone are the days where we had hours to prepare for the staff Christmas party. I'm lucky if I get 15 minutes before I have to run out of the door! One of the best things about the Boots Natural Collection range is that nothing costs over £1.99. So you will feel no Mum guilt if you pop a few treats in your basket the next time you are on an emergency nappy run.

Christmas Mum Mother
Every Christmas party needs eyeliner and comedy ears. FACT!

Step 1. Apply A Good Base In The Morning
It may give the other Mum's a bit of a shock on the school run but if you get time try and put a bit more make up on in the morning which you can use as a base for your evening look. The Natural Collection tinted moisturiser is quick and easy to apply and really enhances the look of your own skin. To make sure that it sets, add over the top of it the Natural Collection Pressed Power. And I would always use a bit of blusher as it makes me feel I don't look completely exhausted.

Step 2. Lips Or Eyes?
I know a lot of people love using lipstick to make them feel more confident but I am all about the eyes. I would rather spend a few minutes filling in my brows with the Natural Collection Brow Kit. Using the waxy side to make sure those hairs don't look like a mad professor. With my brows sorted and my face looking more alive I would happily shove on a woolly jumper and run out with this natural look to do the school run.

Christmas Festive Mother Mum
Quick shove on of some tinted moisturiser and a woolly jumper and I'm ready to go!

Step 3.  Reapplying
You might be off for a few drinks with your Mum friends or a works Christmas do but don't really have time to start over your face again. So this is an occasion where I would reapply. Going back to the tinted moisturiser, I would focus on topping up the bits that may look a bit worn off. For example under the eyes. I would add more blusher and a good idea to feel more festive would be to pop some Natural Collection Highlighter Stick onto your cheek bones.

Step 4. A Smokey Christmas Eye
I flipping love a smokey eye. I think even the plainest outfit can immediately look more glam with a hint of eyeliner and a bit of eyeshadow. So for my eyes I would use a eyeshadow duo like this one from Natural Collection. I would also get back out the brow kit and use the dark shadow in that. I would start by adding the dark brow set shadow into the crease. Next I would take 'sable' from the duo and brush it over the eye socket bone. Finally I would blend 'mink' on the eyelid up until where I had put 'sable'.

Christmas Festive Make Up
All around £1.99. Festive fawn not included

Step 5. Final Touches
Lastly I would get out the Natural Collection eyeliner and go over the top lid to highlight your eyes. To give a dramatic look you could also run it over the bottom of your eye as well. And if you're feeling brave? Add a flick! To finish the look off pop on some mascara. Along with the pressed power, eyeliner and mascara are two items I would make sure I had in my non Mum small fancy bag so I could top my make up. Generally after I have had a gin and tonic or two and have scream sung Mariah on the karaoke with my mates.

Festive Christmas
Trying not to do that weird mouth open thing as I apply make up for a photo

I loved trying out the Natural Collection range and can't wait to try and go from school run Mum to a going out out one a few times this festive season! I did this review whilst working with Boots and BritMums in a paid relationship showcasing the Natural Collection makeup, the simple, affordable and easy-to-use line. Find out more here


  1. Ooh you really are all about the eyes! I think your natural make-up look suits you perfectly and will take you from day to evening with minimum fuss. Essential as we are all so busy!

  2. I ALWAYS do that weird mouth thing when putting on makeup! You look fab.

  3. Fab tips and gorgeous as always my lovely. I am the same I have the weirdest facial expression when I put on makeup. It was easier to do a day look and transform into night look magically hahahah before and after benefits. hahahaha No weird drool face in between for me. You look party ready so where we going girl???? lol It was great to do something for ourselves on this one wasn't it????

  4. You look lovely and fresh faces Emma. Fab collection and I can't believe how cheap the products are x

  5. Why is it so hard to not do that weird open mouth-y thing when we apply makeup?! I do it ALL THE TIME!!

    You look gorgeous - I'd like a lesson on the smokey eye please. I always end up looking a bit like I've been punched ;) x

  6. Fab tips! I only really got into make-up since having kids. Since reviewing these products I've treated myself to some new brushes (on offer on Amazon)!

  7. You look absolutely lovely Em and it's amazing how cheap the products are isn't it? I think for me it is always about the blusher, it is the one thing that makes me feel a little more human. x

  8. You look gorgeous and how brilliant are these products for the price? I'll definitely be checking those out xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  9. I agree with choosing between lips or eyes - going big with both can end up with a bit of a drag queen look. And PLEASE can we go out, drink wine and warble Mariah together one night?

  10. You look gorgeous bab! Such a fab range isn't it. I am a bit scared of blusher, always worried I will end up looking like Aunt Sally. You're a stunner huni x


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