Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Well now....the end is near...sob sob sob. Today is going to be the last ever Wicked Wednesdays linky.  Maybe not forever but certainly for the foreseeable future. I have LOVED LOVED LOVED doing it each week for two years but sadly I think it has run its natural course. I need to do some head scratching and think of something else to feature each week. It's been such a huge part of my blog and has been in newspapers and magazines all over the world.

It all started when my girl was three and my boy was one. And tantrums were just part of everyday life. Now as they are three and five? Things have changed and whilst there are still many 'drop to the floor' moments. Probably not as many as there were before. Being poorly for nearly two months now has made me decide that I want to try a few new things. So THANKS SO MUCH for all your support. It's been amazing. And if any of you are at Mumsnet Conference next weekend? Be sure to pop over and say "Hi". I'll be the one with the stick/wheelchair trying not to vomit whilst I interview Louise Pentland. Lots of love xxx

Linky Rules
  • Firstly. Please add my special badge of my daughter weeping when I said she looked like Pat Butcher.
  • The linky requires no words. We've not got the time really have we? But feel free to write a few lines if you wish. I think no words is sometimes even funnier. We can make our own stories up then!
  • It will run from Wednesday early morning till Friday late evening. But feel free to link up any old photos from other weeks. One per person.
  • I will comment on each one and if you include my twitter handle (follow me here) and #wickedwednesdays I will share your comedy picture. 
  • Try and comment on as many as you can, let's say two would be a good minimum. But the more you comment on? The more will comment back. FACT.
  • If you also hashtag your piccy #wickedwednesday on Instagram (follow me here) I will regram a few favourites each week with your handle and hopefully you will get some new followers.
  • That's it! It's just a bit of a giggle really. Enjoy!
My. Fav. Ever. Shot. Ever



  1. Nooooooooo - I can't believe this is the last WW - I've so enjoyed taking part and love the concept. Hopefully it will be back sometime or at least in another guise. Thanks so much for hosting. I LOVE the photo - sometimes kids get exactly what they asked for and then still aren't happy!!!! Really good luck with the conference and interview and hope you start to feel MUCH better SOON. Lots of love and thanks again xx

  2. Oh no, I can't believe it's the end!! Thank you for such a fab host, and for sharing some of the best pictures! Cannot wait to see what you come up with next! xx

  3. Good luck with your new ventures Em. And congratulations for the huge success that Wicked Wednesdays has been. X

  4. Aww! Noo!! I'm gutted it's the last Wicked Wednesday....I come and have a giggle at the others linking up even when I don't link up myself.
    Good luck with the conference and interview! xxx

  5. Awhhh NO!! My fav ever linky is going :( I have had some serious giggles reading all the Wicked Wednesday posts, I am going to miss them. The first and last Wicked Wednesday image of your son is very iconic too.

    All the best for your conference, take care xx

  6. I'm sad the linky is ending but totally understand that time moves on and you need to evolve. Wish you all the best in your new adventure. Thanks for hosting such a brilliant linky X #wickedWednesdays

  7. Say it ain't sooooooooooo. This I will meiss each and every week. I will count on your creativity in coming up with a wonderful new niche! M'wah! <3 <3 <3

  8. Oh noooooo not the last! I totally understand, and yes, life definitely does change doesn't it.... I take it that means less tantrums woohoooooooooooo ����

    Thanks so much for hosting this fab fab fab linky xxx

  9. Awww that's a shame...but fab luck to all your new ventures am sure they'll be fab! Wish I'd linked up more xx


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