Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Normal Woman Wears Normal Clothes Shocker!

Sometimes when I have a few minutes to myself I scroll through the trending newsfeed on Facebook (OK I fess up this is often a loo based activity hiding from the kids). Today I saw that Jessie Wallace was 'ALMOST UNRECOGNISABLE' as she did her Christmas shopping. "Oh" I thought "perhaps she went dressed as a Kangaroo or maybe in a ballgown?". What bizarre outfit must she be wearing to provoke such a response and get trending? Well sit down...I hate to break it to you...she was wearing...a t-shirt, black biker jacket, jogging bottoms and a woolly hat. HOW DARE SHE! HOW DARE SHE LOOK NORMAL! F*cking Kat Slater. Such a liberty.

Obviously it's not a liberty. She looked a ruddy sight better than I have done doing the school run in the rain or popping to the local shop to get some emergency bread. She looked like a normal lady doing chores. Once again the media is telling women that they should dress a certain way. As Mothers we are forever being told that we can be stylish if we want. That just as we are Mums it doesn't mean that we have to let ourselves go. It's possible to be yummy. Or even a MILF. Imagine that? Having people want to f*ck us. Even though we have given birth? MADNESS. Ahem.


But I don't know about you? I already understand this. Shock, horror I am quite confident if I did some exercise and stopped ramming cakes down my gob I could look amazing. But what are we supposed to do in the meantime? What am I supposed to think about the way I look if I am not planning on dieting soon? If the idea of swimming is soul destroying as I'm just so knackered all the time. Am I supposed to be disappointed in the way I look? Do I really need to question my outfit of choice when I'm going to the local Toys R Us?

No of course not. As an intelligent 38 year old mother of two I am quite capable of making my own decisions on what I want to wear. I know I scrub up well. Just as I know that sometimes I am quite happy to run out in leggings and UGGs. I don't need celebrities telling me that "Hey I am sexy and a Mum. You can be sexy and a Mum too!". What if I don't want to be sexy. What if I want to be comfy, or cosy, or throw the nearest thing just so I can get sh*t done. Surely that's OK? Just as it's OK if you want to do the school run in heels and a leopard skin coat. 


Women don't have to be extraordinary ALL of the time. Sometimes it is OK just to be normal. Ordinary is just as valid as extraordinary. Whether you are looking after your family dressed from top to bottom in designer gear or jeans and a jumper. At the end of the day does it really matter? I think we should be encouraging our little ones to wear what makes them happy and also apply this to ourselves. So next time you are panicking you look a hot mess whilst you are on the nappy run just think "I am choosing to be comfortable but I know if I wanted to or had the time I could look sh*t hot. Today I just can't be arsed". Nothing wrong with that. 


  1. Quite frankly I'd wear my UGGS and leggings in my classroom if I could! Another reason for dressing down on a normal day...I have to dress "appropriately" for work! Apparently my sartorial elegance makes a difference to how I teach...who knew!?

    1. Oh my days! I've been there. Even had to 'twirl' for a head to check my outfit (comfy leggings and long tunic) was appropriate for school... It wasn't apparently. Was so shocked I didn't react with 'no'. Oh well, hindsight & all that.

  2. Yep I dress exactly like that on school run- today had Tracky botts, boots, hoody and hair a a ragged back. Survival. Xx

  3. Loved this article! I hate how picking up your kids has become a fashion show with winners and losers. I will happily always take the loser spot in my comfy clothes.

  4. Ha well ny normal everyday look is a pont rail not make up super comfy jeggings and a top of some sort. I dont care im comfy and im happy as a larger lady people think i need to do more to look good but stuff it i font care. However come the weekend the nice clothes and make up come out. I think f*ck it to anyones opinion i will do as i please who cares what u think

  5. It's the fact she looks a million times better than I would in that situation.

  6. Love this! I look more beautiful (by magazine standards!) with make up on. Can I be bothered every day?!! No.

  7. I totally agree! (And actually I think she looks pretty good in her normal clothes, anyway!) Often I wish celebrity women would go out without skimpy tight dresses, high heels and perfect hair and make-up because underneath it all they are normal people! They're just wives and mothers like the rest of us, so why does it matter so much what they look like?!

  8. YES!!! I don't want to be sexy, I want to be dressed comfortably and practically. Screw the patriarchy, screw it to hell!


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