Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Perfect Chocolates NOT To Share This Christmas

When you have a child it becomes very clear very quickly that what's yours is theirs. It might be having to share a bed where tiny elbows will be rammed into your face at 1am in the morning. Or instead of settling down to an episode of Made In Chelsea you have to share your TV time by watching Peppa Pig again. But one of the worst things is your treats? Are basically their treats. So when Thorntons got in touch asking to take a peek at their new Christmas range I decided to pick a few items that I intended NEVER to share. That were mine all mine (insert evil very un-festive witch cackle).

Three for Mummy. Non for the kids

First up is their Continental Advent Calendar. I know very clearly when I will eat this beauty. It will either be a quick pop in the mouth whilst they are distracted getting their shoes on for the school run. Or I will rip open each day and enjoy the chocolate with a cuppa after it. It's a proper grown up version of an advent calendar including treats like 'Expresso' and the 'Vanilla Truffle'. I've not quite decided where I will hide it but it will be far from where tiny hands can reach. Perhaps in the cupboard under the stairs or the back of my wardrobe.


Being a Mum to two small children can be pretty exhausting. A lot of the time I am hiding in the kitchen trying to take a five minutes break before the mania of homework, washing and refereeing fights. Therefore I have decided the Toffee, Fudge and Caramel Collection will be kept in the kitchen for those moments. A quick "Mummy just has to pop and do the washing up for a bit kids!" and whilst I am doing it I am happily chewing on a toffee or three. Really quietly so no one can hear.

We all agree that kids are amazing and we love them to bits but there is nothing greater in life than that moment where your bum hits the couch and you know that everyone is fast asleep. So for Friday nights in with a gin and tonic over the festive season? I will be tucking into one or seven chocolates from the Alcohol Truffle Selection. And the best thing I will feel no guilt when ramming these down my gob as it's one of the laws of the land that children can't have alcohol! Hooray! I wonder if that rule will stretch to 6ft2 husbands as well?


Thanks so much to Thorntons for sending these treats for me to try out ready in time for Christmas. I know that my Mum has dropped serious hints to find the Alcohol Truffle Collection in her stocking. And my husband has suggested to go halves on the advent calendar. We can do...if he can ever find it. To find out more about what Thorntons has to offer this festive season go and check out the range here.

This post was written in collaboration with Thorntons

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