Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Sound Of Happiness

This is an advertorial brought to you by C&G Baby Club...Earlier in the year I worked on a post with C&G Baby club about all the things that make our little ones smile. Seeing your child's smile makes those first few years of parenting SO worth it. A smile can melt away exhaustion and a smile can make you not be cross about sudocrem being smeared all over the couch. A smile can also make you feel like you're doing an ace job despite you feeling that sometimes you're not.

My two smile at a whole range of things. They adore it when I dance, sing and pretend to be Taylor Swift (and I'll be honest I kinda love the captive audience). When Granddad chases them round the living room they smile and when they were small they always used to smile when Daddy blew raspberries on their lovely chubby bellies. Through the research of 1000 British parents C&G Babyclub found that babies also love the sound of their siblings, ice cream vans (which also makes me smile) as well as their Mum shouting "boo!". All of these noises were guaranteed to get a cheeky grin and giggle.

It was discovered that 51% of babies loved to hear a sneeze, whilst 28% loved the sound of other babies laughing. So working alongside psychologists, a team of Mums and babies, as well as a high profile singer/songwriter C&G Babyclub decided to to create the worlds first happiness song. Specifically made from the sounds and melodies they know will make babies giggle and fill them with joy. When the song was played to 56 infants aged between 6 - 24 months researchers were amazed when the two minute long tune brought smiles of delight, laughter and happiness to the little ones.

The great news is that the #SoundofHappy campaign will be letting you have the chance to download and stream The Happy Song. Allowing both parents and babies the opportunity to enjoy it together. It contains lyrics telling of parent's love for their children alongside a 4/4 tempo which is the most popular and easy to dance to. Check out the 'Making The Happy Song' film below to see how it was made as well as an exclusive interview with the Mums who took part in the specially formulated testing process.

If you would like to hear the #SoundofHappy song and raise a few smiles with your baby then listen to the song here: http://www.soundofhappy.com. I will definitely be getting my three year old to listen to it in-between forcing him to sit down and watch me perform another show in the living room. He loves it really.

This advertorial was bought to you by C&G Baby Club

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