When The World Lets You Down. Fight Back.

Today I woke up to a world where once again I was confused. Confused by people's choices. Baffled that perhaps people can see something that I can't. A world where I am worried that rather than celebrating 'being different' you are penalised. It might be your race, religion or sexual orientation. But today felt extra raw as it seemed that in 2016 being a woman still wasn't quite good enough. And I genuinely can't get my head around it. That the people who make most of the decisions when raising children are deemed incapable of making decisions on a wider scale. We who lead the way in producing and moulding the human race? Can't be trusted.

I attended an all girls school until I was 18. There was never any "you can be whoever you want". As we all knew it. We didn't need anyone telling us as it was built into us that we can from day 1. And this is something that has stuck with me throughout my life. I truly believe that men and women are equal and I cannot wrap my head around someone who would think otherwise. When I heard the news this morning I got my five year old daughter and talked to her through what had happened and said I was going to do everything in my power to ensure that she grows up and can make a change.

But am I being foolish? Is it silly to think that things can change? We live in a world where women are continuously judged on their choices, their figures, their faces, the way they live their lives. Where post natal depression is hidden as mothers are too scared to say that they aren't perfect. Bit chubby? You have let yourself go. Showing a bit too much flesh? You are a sl*g. Drunk and get sexually assaulted? You were probably asking for it. I am telling my daughter she can be anything she wants but the reality is at the moment if we continue like this? She probably can't.

So what do we do as mother's? How do we combat this? For every time I tell my daughter she is equal I will encourage my son that he is equal too. When they are young we are their moral compass. We are the ones that can make them think that it's OK for a boy to wear pink and a girl to play football. That there aren't genders when it comes to colours or toys. That it's OK for my girl to climb to the top of the highest climbing frame just as much as it's OK for my son to be scared and have a little cry if he can't quite manage it. 

Today a woman wasn't chosen but that doesn't mean that in the future she won't. Each morning we hold in our arms the future men and women of the world. We can fill them with love, we can explain toelrance and acceptance. It's not just a case of encouraging our girls but letting our boys embrace that our daughters are just as amazing as our sons. So today was a bad day but tomorrow we can start our own war on sexism in our houses. Together we can do this. Despite what Trump thinks.
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