Tuesday, 6 December 2016

5 Tricks To Make Your Home Cosy For Christmas

I have always been a home bird. To me there is NOTHING finer in life than staying in your house whilst the weather is freezing outside. Unfortunately when you are the Mother to two small children staying at home? Can often mean being surrounded by lots of Shopkins, giant Hulk hands and raisins that are smeared into the carpet. It's annoying and with Christmas just around the corner? The pressure to make your house extra cosy and tidy for visitors is strong. So I thought I would chat about five things I do to make sure my distant relatives leave going "Oh what a lovely house!" rather than "Urgh I've got a Shopkin in my shoe!". The tricks I use so they think I've got my act together (I haven't).

Fancy Storage
Storage is amazing. It gives the illusion of a tidy house. In our playroom we have large baskets where we shove all the kids cuddly toys. So rather than there being large piles of Peppa pigs in every corner, there is fancy basket instead. I've always picked mine up in the sales and more often than not they are really nice washing baskets that have cost me £5.


Nothing says Christmas and cosy more than fairy lights. And the really good thing about fairy lights? Is that they make the room darker so you can't quite see what's really going on. So as well as covering your tree in lights why not pop them around mirrors or nice photos. Supermarkets often do really reasonably priced ones and Poundland do ones that can be popped into glass jars to make a lovely table centre piece. Fancy! You Mother In Law will think you are the queen of Pinerest!

Window Woes
We live in an old terraced house. Whilst most of the house is fine for condensation our front room? Is a nightmare. When guests arrive it's the first thing they notice and I know it drives my Mum mad. She has even been caught with a towel giving it a wipe. A quick and easy way to combat this is to use the Vileda Windomatic Window Vacuum Cleaner. With a flexible lip and rubber head you can quickly whip it out and get into all the corners of your windows. Leaving them streak free when your family
pops over for a few mince pies.


I LOVE CANDLES. I am obsessed with the things. And don't tell my husband but I actually have a candle cupboard. I know. I have issues. But I think if you pop a candle on it makes all the difference to a house. It can cover a myriad of smells from pet dog to potty training boy. My favourites come from Yankee Candle and I always opt for ones especially made for Christmas.

ALL The Food!
With the dark lighting, the toys shoved into snazzy boxes, sparkling windows and candles on? You've tricked your loved ones into thinking your house is the festive dream. All you need now is? VAST AMOUNTS OF FOOD AND DRINK! I always make sure I have a few boxes of mince pies in the cupboard in case people pop in unannounced, as well as some Roses for the kids to tuck into. So whilst in the back of your mind you know your house isn't perfect? Your nearest and dearest will think you're the Christmas hostess with the mostest!


This post was written in collaboration with Vileda

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