Friday, 16 December 2016

A Festive Haul From The Fort!

I love Christmas. Like REALLY love Christmas. I (much to my husbands despair) enjoy a festive jumper, have no issue popping on snowmen earrings and relish a sock with a reindeer on. So when The Fort Shopping Centre, Fort Parkway, Birmingham said could we review some of the Christmas bits and bobs they have on offer there to wear? I jumped at the chance! My husband just looked grumpy. What he didn't know was that they wanted my two children to choose our outfits. I didn't mention that until we were there as it would have tipped him over the edge.

We visit The Fort a lot. There is free parking and back in my double buggy days (URGH) it was ideal as there is large pavement areas so it is easy to nip in and out of the shops. There's also a stack of food places available as well as a great soft play. After having a look around the shops my pair decided that they thought the best festive stuff was in H&M and Primark so we then went ahead and let them choose what they wanted.

For Christmas Day my six year old chose an adorable Mary Christmas outfit and paired it with the sparkliest red tights you ever did see. She also fell in love with a little Father Christmas headband. We then grabbed some sparkly high heels (OK they are virtually flat but to a little girl they are mega high). My boy opted for a lovely woolly jumper and pack of four Marvel masks. I think he may have misunderstood the brief. We also left with some festive grips and another more sensible pack of Christmas character masks. As we left I saw a lovely pink woolly jumper which has 'Jingle Bella' on it in sparkles and convinced my girl to chose it for me.

Next we went to Primark and they both lost their minds. We had everything shoved in the bag. Including two pairs of Father Christmas gloves, Christmas tree earrings and giant pink elf slippers. They both stocked up on some great and reasonably priced headbands. As you can imagine Daddy was over the moon to be handed a reindeer jumper for the big day. We also made it home with a Rudolph woolly hat and glasses that make you look like an elf. I LOVE THEM.

I would really recommend popping over to The Fort if you want to grab some last minute Christmas bits and bobs and don't really fancy the hustle and bustle of Birmingham city centre. There are loads of great shops on offer and of course I snuck in a Mint Hot Chocolate in Costa. We had a fantastic time and to find out more about what we bought take a look at the haul below! Who knew I would look so good in elf ears?


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  1. So cute. I've always figured you would look hot in elf ears. Poor S. haha xx


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