Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Winter Warmer Wishlist For Little Girls

Hooray! Tis the season to be jolly! And unfortunately the season to be flipping freezing. We have lots of outings planned including visiting Father Christmas and going around the Midlands visiting various family and friends. So my six year old? Needs to be wrapped up warm at all times but she also wants to look "cute" (her words not mine, she's essentially really 18). So here are some lovely Winter Warmer ideas to keep her cosy and "cute" this festive season.

H&M has a great range of winter clothes on offer including this lovely retro fawn sweatshirt and some burgundy treggings (1). I also noticed online there were some animal print ones that I kinda wanted for myself. Long gone are the days where my girl would wear furry bobble hats so I thought this emoji inspired one (2) again from H&M would be perfect. As it can be quite slippy outside during winter I thought these boots from Mothercare (3) would be ideal. The fur will keep her little legs warm and will look great over the H&M treggings.

I don't know about you but both of my children like to have a handbag with them full of rubbish at ALL times. So this polar bear bag from H&M (4) will not only look cute in festive family photos but also will be able to house the ten Shopkins she HAS to have. The matching pink mittens (5) and scarf (6) are from Mothercare and hopefully should last at least two winters. You can't go wrong with comedy Christmas socks (7) and I know she will get a kick out of these Christmas pudding ones.   

The jacket (8) is a 3 in 1 functional jacket from Engelbert Strauss. It's perfect for winter as not only is it waterproof and windproof but it also has reflective piping on it for when you are going out and about. Ideal for walking back in the dark from the Rainbows Christmas party. So these are some of the items I know would keep my girl warm and "cute" during the festive season. And she's quite lucky. As if they did that hat in an adult size? I would totally be twinning with her!

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  1. Aww! Gorgeous! I love everything, especially those Christmas pudding socks. So cute x

  2. Awesome wish list. Everything in the list is beautiful and my personal favorite is you polar bear bag.


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