You Keep On Getting Bigger...

To my beautiful girl

This week you turn 6! I'm not sure how this has happened? When 4 arrived it nearly killed me as you were no longer a toddler. You were a proper little girl. 5 came along. You were in reception which is a whole other level of heartache and now you've hit 6. SIX! And whilst I thought that 5, 6, 7 and so on would all just merge into the same until you hit your tweens (I've prepared your Father that it's going to be awful and you will hate us a bit), 6 actually is a bit different to 5. As now you 'get it'.

6 seems to be the age where you start to understand that the world isn't quite as perfect as it was when you were 4. That the giant Nemo on Disney on Ice isn't the real Nemo (but thank god you still believe Elsa is Elsa. I don't think I could take that). You decided that you weren't going to smile in your school photo this year as you were embarrassed by your missing tooth and you cried recently as you were sad you didn't think you were funny. At 3? You would have just said the word "poo" and laughed about it for half an hour.

6 brings different dynamics at school. You have experienced pressure in the form of spelling tests and whilst birthday parties still have pass the parcel. They are smaller affairs involving a close group of friends and begging for me to put nail varnish on them all. But my girl? 6 has also seen you fly higher than I could ever imagine. You now read stories to me. I can no longer spell swear and have to be careful of any lists I leave lying around. You are quick at maths and can run. Fast. I am seeing things in you that are nothing like me. Thankfully you have taken some of your Fathers good qualities which have counteracted my useless ones.

In recent times things have been tough. There's been a blip and whilst these past few months of heartache will be forever etched in my brain, I feel that you won't remember them. You've sat by my bed doing homework, made me countless 'Get Well Soon' cards and behaved better than I could ever have wished for. You've made me so proud. You have your moments of being stubborn and dramatic but being part of me that was inevitable. We will always have a flair for the theatrical but hopefully you will find someone like your Dad who laughs at it rather than runs away.

My girl you are 6 and even more perfect than when you were 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1. We chat about music, have cuddles in bed and discuss how you're going to have your hair for school. If you could wear matching outfits with me every day? You would. You keep on getting bigger. I keep on getting prouder and falling more and more in love with you. If that is even possible.

All my love

Mummy xxx

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