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5 Ways To Revamp Your Make Up Bag For Under A Tenner!

Boots Natural Collection Make Up

Boots Natural Collection Make Up

New Year is a time where you start to think about a new you. You've spent the whole of December eating mince pies for breakfast (or was that just me?) and you want to start off 2017 looking all snazzy. But then you remember that you have no money left and pay day? Seems an eternity away. Last year I worked with Boots Natural Collection on a post about an easy day to night look for the festive season. This year? I've been asked to offer a few tips on how to update your make up bag whilst showing off a few of my favourite Natural Collection products.

Boots Natural Collection Make Up

1. Have A Clear Out
I keep make up for years. Seriously. I have a sparkly eye shadow that I have had since university. Which was like three years ago (OK 20). New Year is an ideal time to chuck a few of those staples that have seen better days and repurchase. Concealer is always the first to get binned as I get a bit queasy thinking about the germs living on the applicator. For £1.99 the Boots Natural Collection Cover Up Cream is a great product and is ideal to hide those under eye bags on the cold school run.

2. Wash Your Make Up Brushes
Urgh. One of life's most boring jobs but it's time to give your make up brushes a ruddy good clean. I tend to use something nice and gentle on them like the kids shampoo. The Boots Natural Collection eyebrow pencil not only helps to tame those wayward brows but also comes with a handy brush on the end of it. So that's one brush you can chuck in the bin and not worry about cleaning. HOORAY!

Boots Natural Collection Make Up

3. Experiment With Eyeshadow
I love eyeshadow. I especially love eyeshadows that compliment each other. So something to consider popping in your make-up bag may be three shadows that can create a variety of looks. I chose some neutral colours from the Boots Natural Collection that I knew could give me a smokey eye and a shimmery light look that would make me look semi alive at 8am in the morning. My favourite out of the three was 'Crushed Walnut'. It's super pigmented and only needed a small amount to produce a lot of colour. Which means it should last a good few months.

4. Try Something New
I know not everyone is a fan of eyeliner as it can sometimes be a bit scary but I think it is a great way to give yourself a different look. Rather than jumping in with a liquid liner why not try a pencil one like one of the Natural Collection Eye Lines? If black is too bold? Then you could start off with a lighter colour like brown. But I say go bold or go home!

Boots Natural Collection Make Up

5. Have Fun!
Make up is not one of life's compulsory things. Sometimes you may want to do the school run with a full face sometimes you may want to shove a hat on and not bother. But have fun with it. Whilst your bank balance may not allow you to go out and buy a whole new outfit and your body isn't shedding pounds as quick as you like? The Boots Natural Collection allows you to get a whole new make up bag for under a tenner. Perfect.

I’m working with Boots and BritMums in a paid relationship, showcasing the Natural Collection makeup, the simple, affordable and easy-to-use line. Find out more here


  1. Oh Emma gorgeous items and best tips ever for revamping your makeup bag for the new year. I am so impressed with the natural collection and I daresay we have a few of the similar top favorites here too.

  2. Great tips! I definitely agree with having a clear out - it's easy to hold on to items for long past their use by date. I once had a concealer that lasted about 5 years - I had to bin it in the end! Love your Natural Collection choices, the products are great aren't they?

  3. I'm terrible at hanging onto make up long after I should - same for brushes and sponges! (Although I tend to use my fingers to apply make up!) - LOVE the pics in this post Em.

  4. I am so bad at cleaning brushes. My daughter nicks them too, so I had to invest in some new ones just before Christmas.

  5. I confess: I love cleaning my makeup brushes. I just don't get to do it often. I also love that this makeup is so affordable you can experiment. Now for my new 2017 look....


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