The Bad Mum's List

Over the past six months I have noticed a bit of a strange phenomenon  I seem to have made it onto some sort of media list. Is it for the times I have chatted about PND and how I have helped women come to terms with that it's OK to feel sad and stressed sometimes? No. Or perhaps the BBC are getting in touch with me about my plus size instagram posts and accepting ourselves the way we are. Nope. I? Am officially on 'The Bad Mum's' List. I get asked regularly by local radio stations, BBC2, BBC Radio 5 Live and a whole other host of media outlets to comment on parenting. And let's just say? They aren't interested in painting me in the best light.

Some examples include them wanting me to say live on air that I agree with smacking (I don't). That it's OK for children to drink alcohol at home with their parents over the festive season (mmmm my kids are 4 and 6?) and today I was asked to say that prams have more rights over disabled people on buses. Obviously I turned all of these marvellous media opportunities down. As you know? Surprisingly enough I didn't want to look like a totally dreadful awful human being. As I'm not a totally dreadful awful human being. I'm actually surprisingly nice!


I'm a Mum to two small children, I'm a teacher and have been for well over a decade. I am there for school drop offs and pick ups. I make sure my daughters homework is in on time and if there is a trip? I will happily volunteer to go on it. I don't smack her whilst letting her have a Blue WKD and moaning about all the wheelchairs that dare to go on public transport. But what I do do occasionally is have a little bit of a moan about parenting. I also moan about being wife. Being a bit fat and being 30 (OK PUSHING 40 NOW BACK OFF!).

When will the media cotton on that women expressing their view that everything isn't hunky dory all the time doesn't mean that they are bad Mums? Honesty doesn't equal not caring. It doesn't equal hate and it certainly doesn't mean that I condone every little thing that society deems as being bad for my children. The Guardian in the past called me a "slummy mummy" and when a national magazine wanted to feature my Wicked Wednesdays photo sharing Facebook thread? They wanted to focus on the hilarious way that I "shame my children".  My reply email was not polite.


Sometimes I worry that I will forever be remembered for being a 'Bad Mum'. That people are missing the point of what I do. That if anything I am the opposite of 'Bad'. I am 'Good'. There have been moments where I have thought "is this hassle really worth it?". There have been tears and there have been worries that I look like a total d*ck. But the hundreds of comments I receive on a daily basis keep me going and the fact that my children think I'm not 'Bad' or 'Good' but 'The Best'. I know what I am about and I will have to embrace that other people don't get it...anyway will leave it here as I'm going to go and make my kids their bedtime vodka cocktails (JOKE!).
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