Monday, 13 February 2017

5 Best Half Term Finds On Amazon Prime!

half term amazon children programmes

HOORAY FOR SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! Being off with the children and no school runs is the best. Apart from that little bit where they still get up at 6am and nothing you want to do opens until 9am. So you end up with a few hours to kill in the house. After you have attempted some crafts and played a few rounds of tea parties, there is somehow still 90 minutes to fill. During which time you need a shower and a hot cup of tea. So this is when I turn to my beloved Amazon Prime account to keep my two occupied whilst I shove ALL of the make up on my face.

I originally got Amazon Prime as I wanted the same day delivery service. So if I had to buy a World Book Day outfit in a hurry? I could.! But as soon as I worked out there is stacks of great kids content on there. It became a lifesaver. So if you are looking for something to fill the gap between breakfast and soft play. Or fancy an afternoon in bed eating popcorn with your lovelies. Here are a few of my children's favourite Half Term picks from Amazon Prime.

1. The LEGO Movie
The adventures of Emmett and co has been a firm favourite in our house since it came out. This month sees the release of the new LEGO Batman Movie so The LEGO Movie is a perfect choice to play in the morning if you are popping out to the cinema one half term afternoon. Sadly? You will be humming "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME" for the four days following you watching it.

2. The Lorax
I tend to not pay much attention to the films my children are watching but The Lorax is one I really enjoy. Not only has it got a few catchy songs (I am a lover of all things musical) but it has a great environmental message. Which sounds like it could be really boring but it's a really lovely fun tale based on the Dr Seuss book.

3. Shaun The Sheep
This is a film I avoided for a long time. As it's about sheep and there is no speaking in it. But I actually watched it on the laptop recently during an overnight stay in a hotel with my girl (the joy of wifi and Amazon Prime) and it was so relaxing. My six year old found it hilarious and I found the non speaking an ideal time to rest and read a book. Brilliant.

4. Gnomeo and Juliet
One of the first kids films we saw together as a family and IT IS AMAZING! It's a love story based on Romeo and Juliet but it's about gnomes and set to the music of Elton John. That sounds like it should be weird but it's just brilliant. Now I can pop on a bit of Elton and the children know all the words.

5. LEGO Friends
As we have our Amazon Prime account on a few of our devices this is a show that my daughter loves to watch whilst she is in her bedroom. If we are in the house during school holidays she likes to have the odd half hour here and there away from the mania of her little brother. So LEGO friends is her go to on the tablet whilst he's having an 'interesting' five minutes. And we all know what interesting means in this context!

Amazon Prime is a great choice for all the family. There are some great films and TV shows for the kids. Also having it set up on various different devices means that when we go to stay in London for half term? They can watch something when the hotel TV stops showing kids programmes at 7pm. And when they fall asleep and you are stuck for something to do? I urge you to watch Lucifer. You won't regret it!

so we can watch ALL the best things. I LOVE LUCIFER! (Don't tell my husband)

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