Saturday, 25 February 2017

5 Fun Ways To Teach Your Child About Recycling

I don't know about you lot but since my girl started school she is forever coming home with different things that she has been learning about in the classroom and wanting to try them out. It might be crazy experiments or teaching us how to talk in Italian. Recently? She has been really keen on the environment, especially recycling. She says that they have a special bin at school where the recycling goes and she would love to do recycle with us. So to encourage her here are a five ways I've upped our recycling game so she can tell the teacher she is helping to keep the world healthy.

1. Using Rubbish As Art
Children love art. Children love art especially if it is sticking random bits and bobs together. So one way of recycling has been to use our rubbish to make creations. Might be toilet rolls or cardboard boxes. Last year we used Easter Egg boxes to make a rather splendid Leaning Tower Of Pizza. And OK so you may end up with the rubbish still in the house. But every Nanny and Grandad wants some art don't they? (Mwah ha...evil cackle).

Our Rubbish Camera!

2. Part Of Their Daily Chores
My two children have a few things that they need to do on a daily basis in order to get ticks on their reward chart. Alongside "being kind to each other" (which rarely happens) I added on "helping with the recycling". This means that my six year old takes the recycling we pile up in the kitchen and pops it in the large bin outside. She loves it!

3. Teach Them That Every Person Has Responsibility
A really good lesson for children to learn early is that everyone is responsible for the environment. Whilst it seems like a HUGE task, if each of us takes responsibility it is possible to make a change. A really good film to watch with your little ones to explain this is 'The Lorax'. Adapted from the Dr Seuss book, it's a charming movie (with the worlds catchiest songs) about deforestation. You however will be singing the theme tune for weeks.

Come rain, shine or snow? WE WALK TO SCHOOL!

4. It's More Than Just Putting Boxes In The Bin
Recycling is just the tip of the iceberg. There are few things that you can do in the home to make it more environmentally friendly. Stocksigns have some really reasonably priced recycling signs that my Year One girl can read about conserving water and turning the lights off. Let's hope my husband takes note too.

5. Where Possible Walk!
Walking is a really simple way to teach children about the environment. Not only can you show them nature around where you live but you can also chat about how it's not always good to take cars everywhere. We always try and walk to school as well as taking our dog for walks around the block. Making sure we put our litter in the bin and picking up that most horrific poo!

This Post Was Written In Collaboration With Stocksign

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