7 Tips For Visiting The London Eye With Children!

The London Eye

This year we are lucky enough to be working again with Merlin as one of their Annual Family Pass Blog Ambassadors. So over recently we hit London with the aim of taking our two small children to the top of the world. We had an amazing time so I thought I would impart a bit of advice in case you fancy the best view of the capital from The Coca Cola London Eye but are bit anxious bringing two small children in tow.

The London Eye With Kids

1. Preparation
We got the tube to The London Eye which seems the best and easiest mode of transport. It is just a short walk way from both Westminster and Waterloo. It's also really close to The Shrek Adventure and the SEALIFE Centre so it may be a good idea to combine all three. Perfect if you are an annual pass holder like we are.

2. Best Time To Go
Previously we have been to The London Eye early in the morning, which is much better if you are going to have to queue up. But this time round we went after lunchtime and the standard admission queues were extremely long. With the Premium Merlin Pass it is possible to walk into a much shorter queue and overall we were waiting for 15 minutes which is brilliant if you are with children.

The London Eye

3. Queues
As I said before this queue does go quite quickly as it's constantly moving. And our experience from going earlier in the day, the standard queue also moves quite fast. The staff at The London Eye are very friendly and there was a snack bar to get little treats from such as crisps and chocolates for your journey. Which leads nicely onto...

4. What To Take
We took what we would usually take on a journey with two small children. LOTS of snacks. We brought our own drinks, chocolates as well as a few bags of crisps. To be honest we were too busy looking at the views to eat much. But a bag of M&Ms kept my boy happy when he got a bit restless about half way through the journey. If you are taking a buggy remember you will have to fold it up to take it on or store it elsewhere.

The London Eye With Kids

5. What To Do Whilst You're Up High
In the centre of the carriage is a large bench so it is possible to just sit down and enjoy the view. We mainly stood up and looked around. There are computers which tells you what can see in the distance and as my daughter is now in Year One it was a great opportunity to chat to her about history. The journey round is quite quick so by the time you have taken 4000 selfies you are coming back down to earth.

6. Was It Scary
I am not a fan of heights and my four year old had a little wobble in the queue as we were about to go on. But? It really isn't that scary. It is so high that it seems almost unrealistic of that makes sense? We went on a really clear day so we could see for miles and miles. It really was beautiful and a fantastic thing to do as a family.

The London Eye With Kids

7. Best Bits
The positives about going is that it really doesn't take that long to go round (about half an hour), there was plenty of room to sit and you didn't feel that you were cooped up. At 4 and 6 both of my children really enjoyed to experience. Having the Premium Merlin Family Pass meant that queuing was kept a minimum which was great as small people aren't fans of queuing. Staff were friendly and we got some really beautiful family photos.

Merlin Passes

If you are interested in seeing the beautiful sites of the capital city check out The London Eye. Thanks so much to Merlin Annual Pass for allowing me to take my two up in the sky and please watch our vlog to get a better idea of what happened and I've also included our visit from the year before!

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