International Women's Day - 10 Reasons Why I Love My Mum Squad

1) They will always understand if I have to cancel a much planned night out due to croup, nits, chicken pox or a horrific combination of all three.

2) They will ensure that any playdate comes complete with cake and 47 cups of the strongest tea.

3) We can communicate with each other by using gifs of Beyoncé whilst referring to ourselves. Which we all know is hilarious. As generally when these are sent we are looking like hot messes watching Celebs Go Dating on the couch in our pyjamas or up with a screaming child at 5:45am.

4) We are unified in being tired. So tired. All the time. There is no competition. We are all as tired as each other. Which is more tired than our husbands. Fact.

5) If I foolishly leave the house without a baby wipe? There will always be someone who has three packs dotted about their person to wipe a snotty nose or clean a grazed knee.

6) We understand that when we moan about our other halves. It's not that we are on the verge of a divorce. Just that that particular day they have been a bit of a d*ck.

7) And they are quite happy to tell me when I have been a bit of a d*ck.

8) They won't judge my parenting decisions and will commiserate with me when some of them? Go a bit wrong.

9) They listen to me when I am weeping over a naughty toddler or a family crisis. They text me "WELL DONE" when something minor goes to plan and totally get if I fall off the radar when everyone gets a cold (which seems to be roughly every six weeks).

10) As cheesy as it sounds? They are my back bone, my strength, my leveller. They make me laugh in my darkest hours and keep me grounded when I'm screeching at the top of my voice. They have seen me at my lowest low and have high fived me in my highest highs. And know that there truly is a relevent Beyoncé gif for each one of these situations.
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