I've Got A Little Secret

Right. Let's start at the very beginning shall we? When I went back to work with my second child I was lucky enough to be allowed to return to teaching part time. Within a month of coming back from my maternity leave I started my blog and at that point had NO IDEA how much hard work it would take to keep it afloat. Alongside lesson planning, marking, reports and the general exhaustion of working in a busy secondary school. I was also up at 5am writing, during the day being constantly on social media, again writing during bathtime and often Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons were spent making and editing videos. So essentially? I went from having one full time teaching job to two part time jobs. Where? I was actually working more hours.

And don't get me wrong I loved both of my careers with equal passion. And this carried on for just under three years until? The fateful day I was awarded 'Blog of the Year' and twerked myself into a wheelchair. Seriously. I twerked and within a week couldn't walk. And remained like this for three months. I was bed bound for the majority of it and I started to realise something. Despite being ever so poorly I ironically wasn't as stressed. I had time to do homework with my daughter when she sat next to my bed. I managed to watch box sets of programmes I had always wanted to see and I slept (OK that was probably the heavy opiates) but I slept really well.

No clue within the week? I wouldn't be able to walk...

Thoughts starting creeping in my head about what it would be like to not have to do two jobs. To be able to focus on one. Suddenly having the ability of doing the school run taken away from me meant that I craved it even more. I wanted to be at home. These thoughts got stronger when I received the news that my right leg may never get better. It works at 50% capacity. I can drive but when I walk it is slower and stairs are a right bugger. How would I cope in a busy secondary school? Could I realistically keep up with being a blogger and a teacher? As well as showing my two beauts the attention they deserve.

So? My little secret is? That I gave up my teaching job. I never fully returned to work due to a paperwork issue (v boring) but at the end of this term. I am no longer a teacher. Three days a week I will be working on my blog and YouTube channel and the other two I will be looking after my son who is in pre-school. And I am TERRIFIED that my wonderful followers and readers won't like me as much anymore. I'm worried that you will think I jacked in a perfectly good career to do, well let's be honest, a bit of a shallow one. Teaching GCSE to disadvantaged kids is not quite the same as doing a Primark Haul is it?

brummy mummy of 2
Trying to get 'normal' Mums represented by big brands

But what I hope you understand is this. Since starting the blog I have always gone out of my way to champion the 'normal' woman. The one who can be a bit crap, likes cake, loves gin and ADORES their kids. I work on it 365 days a year. I get messages every day from women who say "oh my god I'm so glad it's not just me". It's not always easy and I have horrible messages of hate. The world still isn't quite ready for women to laugh at Motherhood. We are meant to be perfect. But? I'm not perfect. My life will never be perfect. And I could be making a terrible decision but I will always have my teaching certificate and I will always have the weird ability to get on with teenagers really well.

So? I have to give a try. If my twerking incident has taught me anything is that the rug can be pulled from under you at any given moment. One day you're doing a dance like the youth the next you're wetting the bed. I'm really excited about what the future holds. I want to really invest in helping Mums. Whether it be by writing honest posts, making people laugh or getting more and more of you to the brummymummymeetups. I get it if you now think I'm a bit of a disappointment but I hope you don't judge me too harshly.

Lots of Love

Em xxx

To answer "well how the bloody hell will she make a living?" questions: I have worked with brands for over three years. I choose them wisely and more often than not if you are reading this from my Facebook Page you won't have seen many reviews as I tell brands I won't post them on there. I also make a lot of brand videos on YouTube. I'm the face of McNuggets you know! I also have saved a years worth of wages in case it all goes tits up! Fingers crossed it won't...xxx
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