Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Are Rowntrees Reduced Sugar Sweets Worth The Hype?

I have always been obsessed with Fruit Pastilles. When I go on holiday? I take with me two packs of five just in case it's a country that doesn't sell them. You can often find a pack in my handbag and I love each and every the green ones. I mean who likes them? A heathen that's who. So when I received a mystery package from Rowntrees a while ago which looked like a Fruit Pastille and tasted like a Fruit Pastille I emailed them and said "Mmmmm these are just Fruit Pastilles right?". They mysteriously replied..."all will be revealed".

Rounders Reduced Sugar Sweets
Best way to eat sweets? In your dressing gown obvs

I went on holiday and came back to another parcel. And I was fist punched the air when I saw they were in fact Fruit Pastilles. As this means I am the ULTIMATE fan right? Then...I took a second glance and saw? THEY ARE NOW SOLD IN TESCO'S WITH 30% LESS SUGAR! What. The. Actual. Hell? My all time favourite treat of choice now has less sugar? What does this all mean? Well I know for one it now means I can eat more. Not exactly sure that is the point mind.

Rounders Reduced Sugar Sweets

The point is that Nestle, who make the sweet treats, are trying to offer consumers an alternative. So if you would like to cut back on your sugar intake it can be easier. They are trying to do their bit to tackle the obesity problem in the UK. There is also 30% less sugar on one of their other most popular selling sweets Randoms. But down to the nitty gritty. What do they taste like?

I'll be honest I would have been hard pressed to tell the difference between the reduced sugar Fruit Pastilles and 'normal ones'. I would say if anything these have a stronger flavour and a slightly different texture. Overall if I was in Tescos and had to choose between the two types I would now opt for the lower sugar ones. I am however not a huge fan of Randoms. They are 'too jelly' for my liking (that's a professional term there). But my husband? LOVES THEM. He tried the new range and ordained that he thought they were "great" (high praise indeed).

Rounders Reduced Sugar Sweets
The psychotic glare of a Fruit Pastille lover

So there we go. The sweets are worth the hype. I doubt you would probably even notice the difference and every little bit of sugar you can stop eating can only be a good thing right? I may even pack them in my suitcase when we go to Dorset in the summer...just in case they don't sell Fruit Pastilles down there (I think I have issues).

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