I Don't Know You...But Thank You

Dear reader of my blog...

...or follower of my Facebook page, liker of my instagram posts or subscriber to my YouTube channel. This is a letter to say "thank you". You probably don't realise that every time you like something, or comment, or share a post that it means SO much to me. Not only have you made me feel better about being a Mum but you have allowed my children to have the most wonderful lives. And I wonder if you even know that? So I thought I would tell you and give you amazing bunch of strangers a virtual high five.

When I started this blog I was an exhausted Mum of a baby and a toddler. And looking back I probably was struggling more than I would have liked to let on. As a teacher and a fairly strong character it's quite hard to admit to people that you sometimes cried when you woke up. That occasionally you walked to the back of the garden to phone your husband and scream "WHEN THE F*CK ARE YOU GETTING HOME". So I decided to write. Shouting into the black void of the internet not know if anyone would shout back. Jotting down things I was thinking or feeling. Wondering if I was losing the plot.

People pay me to pose like an idiot with gin...I mean amazing

And slowly and surely people did respond. With a comments like "and me!". Or a like on a photo of me looking like a tramp in my dressing gown. It reassured me that I wasn't in fact going insane. I am just very, very normal. Boringly so. However normal isn't really favoured in social media. Normal isn't interesting. What is interesting is perfect. Immaculate Mothers with their wonderful homes and well behaved children. They would never scream "F*CK" at their husbands or lie face down on a bed crying as they were so tired. But I am happy to say that I am not far from perfect like I thought. I am just normal. And normal is fine.

CHEERS TO YOU! (My kids don't drink booze)

As my followers increased brands became aware that there is a market for the normal woman. Who knew? That normal Mums actually like buying stuff too. What a revelation! Ahem. So I have worked on some amazing campaigns with huge brands like Virgin, McDonalds, Marks&Spencers and even featured in a TV ad. Me. The woman who shouts "F*CK". And down to you lot. I am now able to work from home. My children have led the most magical life with experiences I would never have been able to offer them if you didn't enjoy me being normal.

Love you xxx

I'm writing this being a bit weepy. And no I'm not drunk. Yet. I'm just eternally grateful. I get messages quite a lot saying how I have helped people feel more normal but you don't realise how much you have helped me. Or my wonderful children. I get to sit in my pyjamas and make people laugh. For a living? How f*cking amazing is that. So a lot of you I don't know. We may never meet. You may get bored of me and decide that normal is so 2017. But at this moment in time? I am forever in your debt and every time I take a shot of me raising a gin (which is actually quite a lot) it's always in your honour.

Love You Lots

Em xxx
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