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Vax Blade Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

As many of you will know we moved house recently. And you know what moving house means? Getting loads of fancy new things to make that house feel all lovely. So when Vax got in touch and offered us the Vax Blade Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. I replied back with a "HELL YEAH!" and did a little gleeful dance. New house and a new vacuum? What can more can a person want?

Since I've had my back operation I've struggled carrying conventional vacuums upstairs. Our new house has three floors and the thought of having to lug a big thing all the way to the top fills me with dread. The Vax Blade Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is really lightweight and when it's fully charged can last for 35 minutes. Which is more than enough time to whizz around the kids room and run up and do ours.

Vacuum Cleaner Review

Not only that it also is great for reaching up into high places. We have moved to a Victorian house which enjoys the odd giant cobweb up by the lights. So it's great to reach up there and not have my kids have a full breakdown when they see it. You can also easily make it a detachable handheld which is ideal for whizzing up the stairs or quickly vacuuming up whatever mess the kids/my dog/or even my husband has made.

Vacuum Cleaner Review

Being cordless means that the Vax Blade Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner can also be used to go out and clean the car. Which excited my husband NO END. There is nothing more in life he loves than popping out and cleaning the car. Free vacuums, cleaning cars? When did our life get so rock n roll! But no cord also means no little ones can trip over them. As our downstairs is open plan I can vacuum from the front door to the back, without having to run back and changing the plugs half way through.

Vacuum Cleaner Review

We thought the Vax Blade Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner was great and a brilliant addition to the new house. Compact, lightweight and able to clean a variety of surfaces. From our carpets in my boys bedroom to the wooden flooring downstairs. Taking four hours to charge (which we will do
overnight) it is great to see on the handle how much time you have left on it. And if anyone wants so to find my husband on a Saturday afternoon? More than likely he will be gleefully vacuuming the inside of his car. Again.

Vacuum Cleaner Review

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  1. Don't suppose you know anybody who has tried the GTech air ram. We are considering a cordless for our new house


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