The Week The Blog Nearly Stopped

This week has been a funny old week. In one way it has been amazing. My little boy smashed his school settling in, my daughter took part in her first gymnastics show producing some 'interesting' moves that shall stick with me for a lifetime. I had a friend come to stay and we laughed whilst screaming at Love Island in our pyjamas. All very ordinary. All very lovely. But on the flip side? Whilst all this very lovely, very ordinary stuff was going on. I had a few comments on my social media that suggested that ordinary is. Well sh*t.

You see ordinary is not seen as anything special. The media has spent years and years telling us that extraordinary is best. That might be extraordinarily beautiful or extraordinarily stylish. You really should want to live in a huge house. Your other half should probably want to drive a really nice car and your kids should be perfect. You should be slim, or trying to get slim, or be judging those people who aren't slim. You should rock motherhood like Kim Kardashian whilst looking contoured and sleek in a size 10 frock. Men should desire you. Women want to be you.

And some people manage to do this. Which is amazing. Some people just naturally smash at the game called life. But I? Am not one of those people. My children (as wonderful as they are) can drive me mad, I'm not slim and not in the process of trying to get slim. My house features more Ikea than it should now I am approaching 40 and should probably own real furniture. I can't contour and I love clothes from supermarkets. If I threw on a t-shirt and jeans I don't look cool. I look a state.

This week the tiny little comments here and there made by people who are just trying to upset people have chipped away a little bit. For the first time since I've started my blog I haven't been able to write.  I've been laying awake at night wondering what the hell I can say. I've been questioning if I am good enough. Should I go on that diet? Should I perhaps brush my hair before I go on social media? Should I just be better? Is there a place on the internet for the ordinary person? Where do I fit in?

But that's just being a w*nker. I am really, really lucky. I'm happy. I get my sh*ts and giggles by things like 25% off in the TU sale. Watching my little girl doing quite frankly the most bizarre moves in her gymnastics show whilst I cry tears of joy and hilarity. My house is beautiful in my eyes. Every piece of furniture tells a story. Even if that story is "remember that time we went to Ikea and I wanted to kill you because this f*cking wardrobe wouldn't fit in the back of your car?". I may not be Beyoncé. But I don't want to be. For starters dancing in those heels would proper f*ck up my bad back.
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