Saturday, 19 August 2017

5 Ways How Not To Lose Your Sh*t When Your Kid Starts School

It's no secret. Anyone that knows me knows this time two years I was on a one way ticket to having a small breakdown about my eldest starting school. I found it ridiculously hard. I worried continuously, had sleepless nights about it and tried to persuade my husband to have another child ASAP. Instead? We brought two guinea pigs just to shut me up. This year? It will be my son's turn and of course my heart is breaking all over again but I'm not quite so bad as I know what happens. So I thought I would give you a few ways to prepare yourself during the summer for your child LEAVING YOU and going to school. OK so I'm being a bit melodramatic.

1) Read The Information
You should get a little booklet about your child's new school. One that will tell you times of starting, how long the induction is, what teeny tiny shorts they need to have for PE. Read this. Don't say "yeah I'll read it" and then put it away till the day before. Read it. Highlight bits. Tick bits off when you have bought items. It will make you feel so much more prepared if you get this done before the last week of the holiday. Then you can enjoy your child's first day at school without panicking and screaming at your other half "YOU SHOULD HAVE GOT THE F*CKING SCHOOL BAG!".

2) The Uniform
The biggest bit for us Mums is seeing our little ones in 'the uniform'. Those chubby legs in little white socks. Tiny arms in giant jumpers. Sob. So what I did was put my girl in her full uniform a few weeks before school started and took a few photos to make sure that 1) it fitted OK and 2) I got all the weeps out in the comfort of my own home. She looked? Adorable. Obvs. This week is the turn of my boy and I'm sure I'll hide and have a little weep in the toilet.

3) Prepare Them
You will be surprised that most kids are ready to go to school. They love the uniform and are ridiculously excited to get out from under your feet. However there are a few certain things you need to make sure of. Can they drink from a normal cup without a straw? Can they do their coat up? Can they go to the toilet unattended and manage to wipe their bottom without them screaming "MMMUUUUMMM CAN YOU WIPE MY BUM PLEASE?". There has been the odd occasion my girl has exited with spare pants on due to not wiping properly, so make sure you give them some good practice at home.

4) Make The Most Of Your Summer
I tried to make our final summer the best one it could be. It's not that we flew off to Disneyland or spent the days on a foreign beach. I relished those little moments that weren't going to be so regular when they are both school. Like not getting dressed till gone 10am. Afternoons watching Disney whilst shoving sweets down our gobs. It was like another version of maternity leave. But rather than me going to back to work at the end of it? It was them going off to school. Weep.

5) The Big Day
First days? Are hard. But also exciting. Try and keep yourself together. I had a very stern word with my other half when I could see he was going to sob as you want them to have the best first day they can. We over egged the excitement. We took a million pictures. We told her how proud we were and then after we dropped her off? We both walked home weeping.

Look it's going to be hard. But I can promise you this. My daughter has changed in ways these past two years that I couldn't ever have imagined it. She is glorious. She reads to me. She leaves me love notes, she laughs with her friends and spends most weekends at parties. And I know it will be the same for my son. He will not only still be my baby but also be my amazing, beautiful and talented little boy. And this time next year? You will all feel exactly the same.


  1. I can really empathise with this. It's so bittersweet isn't it. My eldest started school last year and I agree with all of this!

  2. Oh this made me sob. I'm dreading Tyne's first day in a few weeks but I'm going to take all of your advice! X

  3. My only child starts school this year, I have never wanted another baby more! I've also lost the sheet that tells me what I'm supposed to buy (pretty sure I'm missing at least one thing) and I'm unreasonably sad that she doesn't get to wear a uniform!

  4. My eldest started high school last year and now my daughter starts high school in 2 weeks it's hard and really scary for us parents. My youngest is now 8 but I broke my heart on his first day I was lost with all 3 of my children in school but now I look forward to the peace


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