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9 Reasons You Should Stay At Whitecliff Bay

This summer we were lucky enough to go back and revisit Away Resorts Whitecliff Bay Holiday resort on the Isle of Wight. We stayed for the first time in 2016 and were so excited to be able to return this year. It remains one of my children's all time favourite places to visit so I thought I would chat about nine reasons why we all adore it so much!

Away Resorts, Whitecliff Bay

1. Accommodation
This year we stayed in one of the resorts luxury caravans. What struck me at first was that this was no ordinary caravan. With a large spacious living room and master bedroom it contained two toilets and sinks which is ideal when staying with a family. We were provided with towels, miniatures bath products and even a game of monopoly. But the favourite thing for the kids was? Two TVs. Which meant they could watch Tiny Pop whilst Daddy and I watched the news (OK Celebrity Big Brother).

Away Resorts, Whitecliff Bay

2. Activities
There are a wide range of activities on site. Paid ones like the Summer Stage School my daughter took part in, Lazer Quest that my son did with his Dad as well as free ones including crafts and a lovely toddler group. My two were over the moon to receive a certificate for doing a cheerleading class and proudly performed on stage.

Away Resorts, Whitecliff Bay

3. Splendid Site
The site has an outdoor and indoor pool as well as easy access to the beach. There's a park for the kids to play on as well as mini golf. Whilst we were there there was a food market selling everything from burgers to non alcoholic mojitos. The Nab sells cheap and cheerful food and The Culver Club hosts kids activities like crafting and that all important compulsory holiday Bingo.

Away Resorts, Whitecliff Bay

4. Friendly Staff
The staff at Whitecliff Bay couldn't be any friendlier. From the men that helped my husband work out how to put the oven on (you just flicked a switch) to the wonderful kids team who made my children so happy each day. There were a few days of bad weather but seeing a friendly smiling face really does make a difference.

Away Resorts, Whitecliff Bay

5. Night Time Entertainment 
I mentioned the Bingo before but whilst staying in the Isle of Wight we saw a range of entertainment. From Britain's Got Talent finalists to wrestlers to puppet shows and of course my highlight? The Summer Stage Schools mini performance of Matilda. And yes I wept. And wept.

Away Resorts, Whitecliff Bay

6. Location
Whitecliff Bay is located pretty much within half an hour of anything you want to see on the Isle of Wight. We drank gin in Cowes during Cowes Week, spent a wonderful day on the beautiful beaches of Shanklin and moped about the arcades in Sandown when it rained. There is something to do every day and is very easy to get to. If you're not driving I noticed a bus service which seemed very regular.

Cowes Week

7. Days Out
As well as beaches we also paid for a couple of the islands attractions. We took my little boy back to Dinosaur Isle which he loved just as much as last year and we all visited Tapnell Farm. Tapnell Farm is a really amazing day out. Not only do they have farm animals but there's a cracking soft play and the chance to ride some go karts.

The Cow Co

8. Food Glorious Food
We stocked up on food at the local Tesco to keep in the caravan so had breakfast 'at home' in the mornings, generally took a picnic with us on our days out but we also had some wonderful meals during our stay. The Cow Co, which is located in Tapnell Farm, does the most beautiful burgers and you HAVE to check out The Fighting Cocks which had..wait for it...FREE BOUNCY CASTLES! I don't think we've ever been so excited!

Away Resorts, Whitecliff Bay

9. Making Memories
The Isle of Wight is a really amazing traditional British summer holiday resort. This year for us it had everything. Days wondering around arcades in the rain, dancing in the disco whilst your Mum lets you stay up a bit late, and making the most of the beach on the one sunny day. Just like last year we left heart broken and excited to return again next summer. Whitecliff Bay? It's been emotional...but we will be back to see you soon.

Away Resorts, Whitecliff Bay

Away Resorts, Whitecliff Bay

Thanks so much to Away Resorts for asking us back to visit again this year. For further information about any of their amazing resorts check out their site here. If you would like a better look at what happened when we were on the Isle of Wight I vlogged all week, starting with a caravan tour below!


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  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous here will definitely be taking the children and your vlogs of it have been really lovely to watch.


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