Thursday, 24 August 2017

Five Easy Ways To Survive A Rainy School Holiday Day!

This summer has been one of rain. And lots of it. In my dreams my children and I were going to spend lazy days in the sun. They would be running around the garden whilst I had an ice lolly or six. Sadly? There have been more than a few days where it has tipped it down outside so we've had to stay in. So I thought I would share five of the ways that I keep my two lovelies entertained when it's pouring down with rain outside and I can't face soft play again.

1. Everything Looks Better When You're Dressed Up
My two have spent most of their holiday dressed up. Sometimes my son has been swanning around as Elsa whilst my daughter is one of the Descendants. Other times he has gone full pirate whilst my little girl has channelled her inner Disney Princess. Both of them have got huge boxes full of all sorts of fancy dress. It provides them with hours of fun and is also really handy on playdates.

2. Activity
Since my six year old started school she now loves activity packs. Anything where she can sit down and colour in or do a little puzzle is her dream. BT TV Kids has a brilliant 'Summer of Fun' bumper activity book online here. You can print off the whole booklet or pick and chose the best pages for your little one. I love having my two settle down in the kitchen to do this so I can put the washing on or quickly gulp a hot tea. Such luxury!

BT TV Kids

3. Den
I love a den and I'm 39! Dens remind me of being little dragging all the blankets from around the house and creating some giant monstrosity my Mum had to clear up. So I let my two use all the blankets in the house (including the disgusting dog ones) and create their own paradise. I also let them use our posh couch pillows. I of course use a "first one to tidy up gets some Smarties!" bribe to make sure I'm not stuck folding ten blankets at 4pm.

4. Movie Afternoon
Now I'll be honest this is an excuse for me to have a rest. I always make sure we have some popcorn in the house and if it rains I tell the kids we will have a "movie afternoon!". It never dawns on them that we are literally just watching TV. They think we are at the fanciest cinema in the land. BT TV Kids is just £4 a month has over 2000 different shows on demand for your children to watch. With channels ranging from the Disney Channel to Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network there is bound to be something they love whilst you take a power nap with your eyes open.

5. A Show
After they have watched their favourite cartoon? It's always good to get them to recreate it in the form of a show. You may end up with a strange hybrid Peppa Pig/Paw Patrol/Sponge Bob performance. Where someone is dressed as Snow White. But it's all good fun. And if there's still time left before Daddy gets home? Then you can squeeze in another cuddle and watch a bit more BT TV Kids.

If you're interested in getting BT TV Kids this summer then why not check out their site here. With something for everybody it really is a lifesaver on ANOTHER rainy summer holiday day. For a vlog how we survive a rainy afternoon? Check out the video below!

This post was written in collaboration with BT TV Kids

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