Friday, 18 August 2017

How Hungry Horse Saved My Summer Sanity!

Hooray! We are well over half way through the summer holiday! Which is amazing. But with every day I am getting more and more exhausted. I LOVE being with the kids but the combination of working from home, keeping on top of the housework and providing entertainment for twelve hours a day? Is slowly destroying me. So when the Hungry Horse told me about their 'Treat The Family For £15' offer? I knew this could save my sanity the odd day during the next few weeks.

Hungry Horse

Hungry Horse is a brand that my kids know well. Just around the corner from their Nan's is a great little pub where we have spent many a happy lunchtime. They are the most family friendly places to visit. Often they come complete with a children's area including games for them to play on, a park and generally we leave with a balloon or two. This time we tried a new one and visited the Court Leet in Bromsgrove. The kids head nearly popped off when we were sat by the friendly staff in a booth that had a TV!

The 'Treat The Family For £15' offer means that there are two adults pub favourites to choose and the kids can have two mains. And then you get to share a pudding...but I'll come on to that later. I opted for my pub food choice of dreams good old fish and chips. The children chose pasta. I had a great portion size but I was really impressed with the pasta. It was a make your own dish. So the children could add however much they wanted from the different bits and bobs on their plate. And my two LOVE feeling like they are having a choice with their food.

Hungry Horse

Now we come to the pudding. I was a little bit miffed when they said that the offer included a pudding to share. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHARE?" I thought "THAT'S A BIT TIGHT!". But then I saw it. And it was the biggest pudding I have EVER seen in my whole life! 'The Ultimate Big Candymania' contains everything you would desire from a pudding. From warm cookies, to a healthy dose of Maltesers and M&Ms and ice cream. It is AMAZING! And more than enough to share. Maybe one day a challenge will be set for me to eat it alone. I would fail but have a ruddy good try.

The Hungry Horse Treat The Family for £15 offer is perfect for the summer. If you watch the DITL vlog above you will see that genuinely by the time it gets to 5:30pm I am exhausted and sometimes it's nice to go out for a treat. It means that I don't have to wash up and also Dad can get in on the action and have a bit of summer holiday fun after work. If you want to find out any further information about the offer or see where you nearest pub is visit the Hungry Horse site here.

This post was written in collaboration with The Hungry Horse

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