Will You Still Like Me?

When I started this blog my son was just turning one and my daughter three. For the past three and a half years my life has revolved around them. Tantrums, sleepless nights, potty training, starting school and so on. I lived, breathed and shared every detail of being a Mum to two small children. But in a few short weeks? All that is going to change. My two small children? Are now well...just 'children'. Both of them will be in school and it's been really playing only my mind what exactly does that mean for me and this blog. I've been really worrying if you lot? Will still like me.

Yes. I know this is a psychotic thought and super needy. And yes OK so maybe I did think "shall we have another?' just so I would have something to write about (now that REALLY was a psychotic thought and my husband quite rightly told me to f*ck off). But little kids just provide the world with so much comedic content. They are hilarious. They are frustrating. They are demanding and soon? They will be gone. So what becomes of me and what I chat about.


I've not been a Mum of children who aren't at home. I don't really know what happens now. Does everything change? Am I still needed? Will I suddenly get hours a day where I can do whatever the hell I like? And what do I actually like? I haven't a clue. I love the blog, my instagram account and adore my YouTube channel. I am SO lucky to be able to share my life and make a living from it. I get to make money from just being myself. I don't have to be fancy and bake, or beautiful and thin. I just get to be me. But what the hell is me if I'm not moaning about tantrums and not getting any sleep?

Of course I could change and suddenly become ├╝ber school Mum. One that makes home cooked meals each night and happily sews on my daughter's Rainbows badges. Rather than whispering "surely they could just make them iron on FFS" whilst I stab myself with a needle. But that's not me. Today a brand asked me to develop healthy breakfasts for school children involving oats. For cold hard cash. Which would be very nice. But? I said no as even though my kids lives are changing and growing. I'm fairly certain I will stay the same.


So the big question is? Will you still like me? Will you still want to see what I'm getting up to with my family if my youngest isn't face down in the middle of a supermarket? The next twelve months are going to be very interesting. In a new house, with a new job and no children at home. I also have a very big birthday coming up. Which could either mean I lose a sh*t load of weight and run off with a 23 year old or I have a big gin fuelled party which results in me crying. Who knows? So let's make a deal. The tantrums will be less. But the gin will still be there on a Friday night, I will still be rocking a cossie being a bit chubby and I will NEVER be found drying oats the night before school. So I hope you stay tuned for the ride...
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