Tuesday, 26 September 2017

McDonald's, Matilda and My Girl

My beautiful little girl is now 6. She's in Year 2 and she has grown into the most marvellous human. She's School Council Rep, attends Rainbows and has recently starting playing the violin. She's ace. But one of my favourite things about her is? That she loves to read. She adores it. She will read anything and everything. So when McDonald's got in touch to write a sponsored post about their new range of Roald Dahl books? I knew she would be over the moon to receive them when she got in from school.

As a former teacher I know it is so important to get your little ones to read. Sometimes it can be a struggle as there aren't enough hours in the day but we make sure that we hear the kids read at least once every day. And sure we hear the same story over and over again but it's all good practice. When I was pregnant I had fantasies of reading Roald Dahl books to my two. Matilda was one of the first grown up films we watched together and I may have forced them to watch the original Charlie and the Chocolate factory over 100 times. My daughter dressed as Matilda for World Book Day last year and even sleeps under a duvet made out of the books cover!

They were thrilled to see that over the next five weeks since launching on 13th September, each Happy Meal will come with a magical Roald Dahl book featuring excerpts from some of his most popular stories. The collection includes my girl's favourite Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which I love and the BFG which we are yet to read. It's all part of the #HappyReaders initiative, which aims to increase book ownership amongst children and encourage both parents and children to find the joy in reading.

What I really love about the books is that they are kid size. They are perfect to pop in bags on day trips out. Or something they can have a flick through in the back of the car. Not only do they contain stories revolving around some Roald Dahl's most loveable characters (my daughter yelped when she saw one based on Marvellous Miss Honey) but there are also sections to draw, colour and stickers that will inevitably end up on the back of my coat. To get a better look at the books take a peak at Peter Andre and his kids chatting about them here.

I surprised the kids with a set of the books to share (a concept they sometimes struggle with) when they got back from school. My six year old grabbed all the Matilda-based books whilst my son gravitated towards the Willy Wonka ones. I 'may' have (as in totally did) kept a couple aside to read through on a rainy day. If you would like further information on the #HappyReaders initiative or find out more about Happy Meals please check out the McDonald's site here. Just don't moan to me if you have to listen to 'Lucky Charlie Bucket' for the next four weeks.

This post was kindly sponsored by McDonald's


  1. hi, I do love your blog its so just pretty and your posts are great, I also follow you on youtube.. just thought I would come say hi.. :-)

  2. I love when Mcdonalds have the books in the happy meals not the plastic toys then always end up in the bin. My favourite way to get my boy to read when he was younger was to treat the charity bookshop like it was toys r us and to get him excited about finding a "treasure"

  3. Love that the 'toys' are books and not actual toys persay.. I look after 3&4 year olds and also have a newborn of my own and also know how beneficial reading can be! Xx


  4. Ooh I didn't know about this - the books sound great! I'll let my parents know as they foster two little boys who definitely need all the reading practice they can get, and they'd love the excuse to get a cheeky Happy Meal! Win win all round! Thanks Emma.


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