Friday, 29 September 2017

The Perfect Recipe For A Cosy Night In

Anyone who follows me on instagram knows that I love Autumn. I LIVE for Autumn. It's my favourite season by far as staying in becomes cool. If you go out during the season of Autumn you are a fool. Nights in should involve dressing gowns, candles, blankets, box sets and lovely food. So when Weight Watchers asked me to work on a campaign highlighting just how great nights in were, I knew I was the right woman for the job!

We were sent two hampers for our nights in. One containing all the ingredients to make a Chicken Jambalaya from scratch. The other contained a pair of Weight Watchers limited edition Chicken Jambalaya chilled meals. All we had to do was be forced to spend two Friday nights in (this was hard. I had to cancel my big nights out up town...HA!) and cook them. I made an executive decision that Stephen would cook from scratch and I would have the hard job of using the microwave.

The first meal took around 45 minutes to prepare, cook and tidy up afterwards. Stephen did an amazing job and it really was tasty, warming and perfect for a night in. I'll be honest? I did wonder if the Weight Watchers meal the following Friday night in could compare. As I popped them into the microwave I did think it was going to have a tough job on it's hands but, I was really pleasantly surprised. When put into the dishes it actually looked very similar and taste wise it was virtually identical.

The only difference was that we placed a rather healthy amount of chorizo in the Jambalaya that Stephen cooked from scratch. I made sure that I didn't look into the calories until we had tried both of the meals. Despite tasting virtually identical the Weight Watchers meal had almost half the calories. As well as being lower in saturated fat, sugars and salt. I was surprised that something could be cooked that quickly, taste that good and be far healthier for you. Along with our hampers came a form asking us questions about each meal. Before we sat down to watch Celebs Go Dating (our current guilty pleasure) we had a chat about what we thought.

We decided that there was not much difference between both of the meals, just the addition of the chorizo which Stephen really liked. Calorie wise I would much prefer to tuck into a healthier option. It's great to know that if you are considering following the Weight Watchers diet that you could still enjoy a meal with your other half on a Friday night. For me the most important thing was the preparation time. I really enjoyed just being able to put something in the microwave and relax ASAP. So overall? The Weight Watchers meal smashed it! If you want to see how we spend a cosy night in please check out the vlog below and visit the Weight Watchers website for further information about their range of chilled meals.

Thanks to Weight Watchers for sponsoring this video.


  1. I love the weight watchers meals! The lasagne and the macaroni cheese are my favourites.


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