Monday, 30 October 2017

A Little Halloween Party For Two!

If any of you follow me on social media or watch my YouTube channel you will know that I LOVE Halloween. I've been rabid for it since the end of August. I adore it. Autumn is my favourite of all seasons. I love the fresh mornings, the leaves crackling underfoot, the candles and even the conkers that are rotting in a pile in my son's room. Halloween for me is a really fun night where the kids and I get to dress up and be silly which is my favourite kind of fun. So I was over the moon when Fruit Shoot got in touch and asked us to throw a mini house party.

My children are still only little so they are not into the full horror knick knacks you can get in the shops. In fact we have had to totally bypass some shopping aisles as they were so scared. I always like to keep it light and Fruit Shoot sent along some bits and pieces that we added to the already mammoth amount of Halloween gear we have at home. For the week or so before the 31st the kids and I like to fill the house with as much tat as possible much to the disgust of my husband.

For our mini Halloween party the children put on their 'scary' outfits. Granted my son dressed as a tiny skeleton is something you wouldn't want to wake up to on the end of your bed, but my daughter looked beautiful in her witches outfit. I decorated the eating area of our kitchen and filled it up with all sorts of snacks including some Fruit Shoot Hydro. Which is a naturally flavoured spring water that has zero sugar and no artificial colourings or flavourings. Perfect as it was used to wash down a whole host of Halloween sweets.

The kids had a good giggle putting in their fake teeth. I had a good giggle watching tiny mouths trying to contain said fake teeth. I then got out a make your own skeleton gingerbread kit and they both sat quietly making some brilliantly decorated biscuits. Which we then ate watching the CBeebies Christmas Panto. Yeah, yeah I know we should probably have watched something creepy but they just wanted some festive fun!

I know Halloween is not for everyone. It's daft. It's over the top and it's very different from the way I celebrated it as a kid (plastic bin bag witch anybody?). But my children adore it. And anything we get to do together as a family is really good in my books. Thanks so much to Fruit Shoot for sending along loads of treats for us to have a mini party. The children had fun and my husband was only a little bit cross about our whole house being full of spooky tat. I would LOVE to see your Halloween parties so if you pop them on social media please use the hashtag #FruitShootHalloween! Mwah ha ha haaaaaa.

This post was kindly sponsored by Fruit Shoot

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