Sunday, 15 October 2017

How You Can Make Memories. Even When You're Being A Bit Crap

It's 6:37am. Two wasps have flown into the kitchen. Everyone is hysterical. Someone screams. It seems to be me. Daddy is dragged out of bed to kill them. Whilst he is in the midst of chasing the little buggers around. I grab a card off the side. Creep up to him and tap him on the neck. He thinks he has been stung. He drops to the floor screaming. The kids howl with laughter, I can't breathe as I am crying so much and he shouts "F*CK OFF!". He never swears in front of the kids. We just laugh more.

And it dawned on me. These little situations that happen are what our kids are going to remember us for. There are ones from my life that I always will remember. Daft situations that I don't want to embarrass my parents with (there was one involving my Dad up a lamp post). Just snapshots of family life. Increasingly we are under pressure to make parenting glossy and shiny. To buy the most overpriced toys (BORE OFF HATCHIMALS), go on extravagant days out and be the over the top parents social media wants us to be.

Think of some of the happiest times when you have been a Mum. Have they been when you've been stressfully waiting in an airport to fly off to sunnier climes or when you have been sniffing your babies head curled up in bed. Did your kids belly laugh when the opened up a pack of 12 overpriced Shopkins or that time when your leggings fell down in the soft play. We talked about 'Dad And The Wasp' all day yesterday. One of us would bring it up, three of us would laugh, whilst the youngest of us did an impression (minus the swearing thank god).

I'm not going to say that I am giving up the fancy things in life. I want my children to go to new countries, even though at times it can be a huge ball ache. I want to be a bit over the top at Christmas but I also need to remember that in between those magical moments in life you can still squeeze in some of your own. You know the 'it's raining shall we have a picnic on the floor and watch Moana for the 100th time whilst I sniff you' kinda moments.

I work a lot over the weekends and always have. Yesterday I didn't. I saw down and watched four episodes of Man V Food from a decade ago. My daughter screaming she could eat as much pizza as him whilst I debated she couldn't. On the evening my husband said "it was really nice to have you downstairs with us today". Firstly I was glad he forgave me for the 'Dad And The Wasp', secondly I thought "yeah it was". So from this day forth I promise to make new weird memories for my kids. Hell I may even try and recreate that one with my Dad up a lamp post (sorry Dad).


  1. Perfect. What a brilliant day! These are the sorts of things I remember too. like all of us dancing like a loons to Top of the Pops and then laughing at my mum because her boobs were bouncing about everywhere. So funny! and yes.. Bore off, Hatchimals!

  2. I completely agree. Sometimes life just seems so serious as we try and make the perfect experiences. Just the other day I was wondering what happened to the "fun" me - the one that just used to have a laugh all the time at the stupidest things. And I realised, like you, that "picture perfect, responsible" me had taken over and I vowed there and then, to start living and enjoying the imperfect moments rather than stressing about getting it right all the time. I'm glad to read this and know that I'm not alone.

  3. It's the first time I have read your blog, I must say it was as entertaining as your vlogs, all work and no play.... enjoy the little ones while they are just that, all too soon the years fly by xxx Ally xxx PS if you find anyone as entertaining and as real as you to watch on YT plz let me know too 😁 PPS keep up the fab work 👌

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  5. These memories are so precious! I absolutely cannot wait to have a family our my own and make these kind of memories that we can treasure forever <3


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