Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Our After School Routine!

As a lot of you will know, both of my two are at school now. So our evening routine that was so honed and perfected has, once again been thrown up in the air! McCain got in touch with me and asked me to chat a bit about my family and mealtimes, so I thought it would be a great way to show our new routine and how it is working for us. Hopefully it will give you some ideas to avoid that tricky 'witching hour' which I'm sad to say, is still going strong at ages 4 and 6!

I always make sure my two put away their own shoes and coats. They used to get ticks for it on their reward chart but now it is just part of what they do when they get home from school. As they are getting older I want them to be more responsible for their own bits and bobs. Next I am working on them replacing the toilet rolls (My husband needs a lesson in this too!)

Family Time
My husband goes to work early and arrives home quite late so I am really lucky to have my Mum pop over sometimes to help out. It might be that I need to go to a meeting or I just need a hand as one of the children are poorly. Family is really important to me and I am really pleased my children have a fab relationship with both sets of grandparents. With their 'We Are Family' campaign, McCain are highlighting all sorts of different families. Nearly 50% of Brits feel that popular culture portrays the realities of modern day life. My reality is that my other half isn't always around to eat with the kids but that's just our normal and it works for us.

There is nothing worse than a hangry child so I always make the children have some snacks and drinks on hand the minute they walk through the door. Might be fruit or the odd biscuit but just something to tide them over till dinner time.

Burning Off Energy!
If the weather is nice I LOVE shoving my two in the garden to let them burn of some steam and get them all tired for bed. If the weather isn't that great they might sit down and chill out with their tablets or if Nanny is around they may do some reading with her.

I like meals that are healthy and it's really important that my two like to eat them. As they get older their tastes are differing so I have to choose something they will both eat. Often I sit down with the pair of them and chat about their days so it needs to be a meal I fancy too. We regularly turn to the McCain Ready Baked Jacket potatoes which is great as they are dead quick to make and I can put on different toppings to suit the fussy masses.

The moment my husband comes home from work, it's his turn! He's ace at bedtimes. Far better than me. He runs a mean bath and has no issue hearing the same story over and over again. I have the quickest of tidying up before I sit down and catch up with a lovely box set.

If you want to see our Evening Routine in action? Then watch the below vlog. It shows off the realities of our family life. It might not be perfect but then what family is? To celebrate their 'We Are Family' campaign McCain and the National Portrait Gallery chose families from across the UK to put themselves forward to be considered for a 'We Are Family' National Portrait Gallery display. The McCain's 'We Are Family' display is open at The National Portrait Gallery until 7th October - check it out!

This post was written in collaboration with McCain


  1. Love this post and vlog! Daddy always does bath and bed in our house too, and a great routine makes such a difference.

    lily xo

  2. Dogs have the best life. My kids are in creche all day and the oldest is being collect from school by them but when they get home they are ALWAYS hungry despite having an enormous amount of food before. They always eat!!


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