Thursday, 9 November 2017

6 Easy Ways To Help Your Child Survive A Dreaded Cold!

Tis the season to be jolly tra la la la laaaaaaaaaaa...or more than likely tis the season to be snotty. Really, really snotty. One of the most shocking things about being a Mum is how many colds our little ones pick up. With my youngest starting school he will most definitely bring in a whole host of new bugs and germs into our household. But after nearly seven years of being a parent? I know how to handle the situation. So with the help of family favourite decongestant Olbas Oil and their expert Dr Henderson, here are the ways I help my two little ones aged 4 and 6 get over a cold.

Keep Your Child's Room Warm, But Well Ventilated
When the kids have a cold often in the morning the room can seem stuffy. So I really like to crack open a window and let in a bit of fresh air. It's also really important if they are suffering from a temperature to ensure that the room is cool and that they are not overheating. For babies it is a good idea to invest in a gro egg which helps you to easily see how hot the room is.

Manage The Fever
As well as making sure that the room where your child is resting in isn't too hot. It is always a good idea to have them in cotton pyjamas and clothes. It's tempting to wrap them up when they are cold but some nice lightweight clothes should hopefully keep them cool and help with their temperature. If you are really worried it is a good idea to give the doctor a call.

Make Sure They Drink Loads Of Fluids
My children aren't great at asking for a drink. They will happily play for hours and forget they need one. So you really should encourage your children to drink as much as they can. If they are a little older warm drinks are really good and can soothe a sore throat. We are a huge fan of hot Ribena here when we are poorly.

Make Sure They Are Eating Healthy Food (And The Odd Treat!)
Children can be really fussy when they are poorly and sometimes it is a struggle to get them to eat properly. Make sure you have any healthy food they really enjoy in the house. But also I think it's OK to give the odd treat here or there. Especially if they are really fed up. If you don't want to give them chocolate I think a magazine goes down really well and keeps them occupied for a bit.

Encourage As Much Rest As Possible
Having a snotty nose means it can be really hard to rest. We always put 8-12 drops of Olbas Oil on a hanky and place it out of reach. It's a gentle decongestant that helps to immediately relieve congestion to make breathing easier and so aid sleep. I also have it in the living room during the day if one of mine are off school and are lying on the couch watching television. For those little blocked noses that find traditional Olbas Oil just a bit too powerful, there's Olbas For Children, a gentle yet effective decongestant formulation to relieve congestion in even the smallest noses of the family - from as young as 3 moths old and up to 2 years.

During the day time, add 4 drops of Olbas For Children to a tissue and hold close to, but not touching, the child's nose, to allow them to breathe in the vapours. At night time, add 4 drops to a tissue and place in the bedroom out of the child's reach to inhale throughout the night.

Take Advantage Of The Cuddles Whilst You Can
Having poorly children is really hard work. But it is also the ideal opportunity to take a break from everyday life and cuddle up on the couch. Dr Henderson believes a good way to tackle viral infections is to relax. So pop on a film, ignore the washing and chill out for a bit! Perfect (if not a little bit snotty).

This post was kindly sponsored by Olbas Oil, the number on decongestant oil brand families can trust. As with all medicines, keep out of sight and reach of children and always read the label.

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