A Very Bloggy 4th Birthday!

Four years ago today I started my blog. Whilst on maternity leave I had become a little bit obsessed with YouTube and my sister suggested I started one. So I spent 30th November 2013 holed up in my bedroom whilst my husband looked after our baby and a three year old. I had NO idea what I was doing. And NO idea that three and a half years later I would eventually give up my job to write/film/take pictures of me holding mugs and putting them on instagram quite a lot. 2017 has been hands down one of the best and most exciting years of my life. And here are the reasons why...

I started 2017 in recovery from spinal surgery. My right leg was damaged after I slipped two discs twerking (true story) so I didn't really know what the future would hold. Whilst I was off from my teaching job having physiotherapy I began to think more and more about turning my hobby into a job. I genuinely believe if I hadn't have been so poorly I probably would still be juggling two jobs and two kids. I loved teaching and will no doubt return. But now I can do all of the school runs and work from home doing something I love. Amazing.

There are many many personal highlights of 2017 (moving house, my son starting school, turning 40) but my career offered up some opportunities I would never have dreamt were possible for someone like me. My daughter and I were chosen to be in the Moonpig Mother's Day campaign. Which meant we were on TV, in magazines and in train stations around the country. It was wonderful to spend such a special moment with my six year old. In October I also got a speaking part in the 20th Century Fox film 'Ferdinand' (police woman no2 STOLE THE SHOW). This time I got to take my Mum down to London when I recorded my part and she cried when we all went to see it in the cinema.

Other amazing things we have done this year have been to work with Merlin, Camp Bestival and Away Resorts again. All brilliant brands that gave us wonderful opportunities to visit beautiful places and provide memories my children and I will never forget. A new venture for 2017 was speaking at events which is something I really enjoy. The teacher in me will always LOVE the sound of her own voice! From students at Birmingham University to a room full of peers at BritMums, I adore trying to encourage other people to start their own YouTube channels. The world needs more 'ordinary' people to become extraordinary.

2017 has also been a year for meeting new people. I've had the privilege of becoming good friends with Louise Pentland (if you remember rightly I cried when I first met her). We've had many hours laughing creating content and I can't wait to spend more time with her in 2018. But I've also spent time with you lot. The people that read my blog, follow my instagram, like my posts on FB. This year there have been several brummymummymeetups and it's something I will be doing bimonthly in 2018. Getting to chat to other people who giggle at the same things as me is amazing.

You will NEVER know how much you mean to me. Seriously. I imagine you sat in your dressing gown whilst Peppa is on in the background liking the odd post here and there and not really giving it any thought. But the likes, follows, shares all mean that brands would like to pay me to make content with them. How wonderful is that? That my job is just being myself. That's the reason I do the meet ups, try to reply to as many comments as possible and work each year with PANDAS charity. I just want to give something back to you who provide my family with so much.

But the real highlight of 2017...the main event...was...being called the Double Bagger Mum in The Mirror. I mean? You can imagine how proud I was. Thanks for 2017 and here's to an exciting 2018. I hope you will all follow along for the ride. Love You! Em xxx
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