Thursday, 21 December 2017

Grand House Plans For 2018!

In 2017 one of the biggest things that happened to my family was that we moved house. We moved from our lovely little terraced house we had lived in for a decade, to a slightly bigger one just down the road. We love it. We had grand plans of getting it decorated asap and as with anything, we promptly forgot about it and did pretty much nothing. 2018? Will be the year I get the house sorted, starting with the living room. We've not had any new furniture since we got married so when Sofology got in touch and asked me to review a couch? Firstly I phoned up my husband and did a little scream and then I emailed them back saying "FANTASTIC".

sofology review

We visited the brand new Sofology store in Elliots Field shopping centre which is in Rugby. Just over an hour away from Birmingham. I've visited the centre before. It's got loads of great shops and places to eat and the Sofology store is located right at the end. When we arrived we were greeted by lovely staff who offered to show me and my seven year old around. My husband had to take my little boy to a party so the girls were in charge. All decisions were down to us. And we loved it!

sofology review

Sofology is a little different to other furniture stores in the fact that staff don't receive commission from sales. So there is no pressure to buy. We had a great hour and a half walking around the store sitting on every couch that tickled our fancy. Including a particularly sparkly one we knew Daddy would hate but it was the couch of my daughter's dreams. I told the staff I was looking for something dark (to hide stains and dog foot prints) and comfy (a must for my netflix obsession).

sofology review

Straight away one couch called me. It was the most instagrammable couch I have ever seen in my life. The Cricketer is a beautiful green couch and I imagined me sitting on it drinking tea whilst taking 100 selfies. The only trouble was it was a bit hard for my liking. So we moved on to couch number two which was the Demurez which had a chair that was like a bed. This was my daughter's favourite. I think for our living room it may be a little bit big. Another one I really liked was the Bertelli. In store it was a beige colour which probably wouldn't be ideal with our dog but I really loved the charcoal grey it came in. Staff were on hand to chat through all of my decisions ("but I really like that" "that would look amazing on instagram" "THIS ONE IS LIKE A BED!").

sofology review

I did make a decision and in a couple of months our couch should arrive and I cannot wait to get the living room painted and ready for it's arrival. I won't tell you what I got. Keep you on your toes. It was a really tough decision I bored my husband with for 48 hours. But I think we made the right choice. If you're looking for a new couch we really enjoyed our experience with Sofology and I will be writing more about the process when it arrives next year. To find out more about the brand please visit their site here.

sofology review

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