Wednesday, 6 December 2017

What To Pack When Flying With Kids!

This year we have been really lucky to fly with the children twice. Long haul to Florida and short haul to Paris. We generally go abroad once a year so I have got quite used to packing all the bits and bobs needed to keep small humans entertained. It can be quite daunting flying with little ones. You can panic thinking of the lack of space and dread the fact that they may cry for 10 hours straight. So knowing I braved flying with my family, Villa Plus got in touch and asked me to divulge what we pack in our in flight bags (OK what I pack, let's be honest my other half NEVER packs) when we fly off to sunnier climes...

Generally on a flight you are allowed four pieces of hand luggage. I always ensure that we use up that allocation and that my children, four and six, have a bag each of their own. We have got two small back packs which are matching but have a keyring on to tell them apart. My husband and I have carry on cases. There will generally be one crammed with the stuff we couldn't fit in the cases and the other will have necessities to fly with.

Pens and Paper
One of the things I always ensure we have is a pad and some pens. Think about what kind of pens your child uses without making a mess. Felts? Not always a good idea as they can stain lovely new summer t'shirts. Pencil crayons are great. I also like to pack a small colouring book for each of them.

Kids love stickers. It is one of those strange things I can never get my head around. But my two are obsessed, so I generally pick up a sheet of stickers for each of the children. If I am feeling really organised they may even be something to do with where we are travelling to for example with Disneyland I might get Mickey stickers.

You can NEVER have enough snacks. I like to take a whole range. From the healthy to the not so healthy. Sometimes as a parent you gotta do what you gotta do. So I always make sure I have the odd packet of crisps or some sweets. Chocolate is not great due to the 'melting everywhere' factor. I also pack extra snacks in my case just in case.

A Little Treat
I always like to have a surprise for my two at the bottom of the bag. Nothing fancy just something to make them excited for the take off (which can be quite intimidating for children). A favourite is a Tsum Tsum which is a little soft toy. I generally get them in the sale and it means they have a little friend to keep them occupied on the flight.

If you try to attempt a flight without a tablet? You are a hero! These are lifesavers. They are our last resort as we know once they have been used? We have nowhere to go! Before we leave for the airport I make sure we download loads of the kids favourite programmes. The BBC iplayer is amazing for this. I also ensure there are some good games for them to play and that it's fully charged and comes complete with their headphones.

Boring Things
My case will hold the boring things. The things you probably won't use but want them there if you need to use them. Emergency items are vital for long haul flights. Things such as; a spare change of clothes for each of the children, warm snuggly socks, extra snacks, more extra snacks, a couple of sachets of Calpol and lollies that help with tiny popping ears.

So those are all the requirements for taking a little one on a flight. But remember, now this is important, to make sure you pack a few little bits and bobs to put in their rucksack on the way back. Or you will be in trouble! If you are looking to travel abroad with your young family next year find out more about the fantastic range of holidays available with Villa Plus here!

This post was written in collaboration with Villa Plus

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