15 Basic AF Things That Make Me Happy

Now my children are both in school full time and I have a little bit more time on my hands, I thought would make a list of all the things that make me really happy (aside from them). Those little things that really cheer me up, squeal and make me text my mates "YES!". I wanted to make a list to motivate me for the rest of this year. When I made the list it dawned on me. I am either a) really old b) really, really boring c) really f*cking easy to please or d) tragically all of the above. So behold ridiculously basic things that make me ridiculously happy. My former cool AF 23 year old self? Is mocking me from the sidelines. B*tch.

1. A gift bag that I can reuse (woe betide the person who gives it with the label written on).

2. Forget freshly washed sheets. A freshly washed dressing gown? The f*cking dream people! No more stinking like a hobo.

3. Buying new pants that aren't saggy and 'may' have a few holes and a pair of new slippers that aren't a health and safety hazard.

4. A really big hot mug of tea in one of my favourite mugs. Preferably nowhere near my children.

5. Getting to Boots and finding what you want is in the 342.

6. Getting to Boots and finding what you want is in the 342 AND YOU HAVE ENOUGH POINTS ON YOUR BOOTS ADVANTAGE CARD TO PAY FOR IT!

7. Your child getting a gift twice for their birthday. One for them, one for the regift box. DREAM!

8. That sigh you make when you sit down, smug in the knowledge both of your children are asleep.

9. The feeling at 4pm on a Friday when you know that your filthy 'weekend is here' take away is happening in a few hours.

10. The text when your friend cancels you going out. And you're secretly a bit pleased as you're ever so tired and something good is on the tele.

11. The invention of Netflix and Sky+. Staying in has never been so glorious.

12. When a 90's track comes on the radio that you haven't heard in years and it reminds you of snogging lads who smelt of beer and fags. Classy.

13. Using a bath bomb and feeling as fancy as The Queen. Bet she uses one every frickin day.

14. Buying clothes online so you can look fat and sweat trying to get into them in the comfort of your own home. Not in a shop. With other humans.

15. When your friend says "fancy meeting for a coffee and a catch up?" and all you hear is "a good excuse to have a huge slab of cake and a b*tch".

So you've read my list. You've seen how downright pathetic it is. I would like to include 'travelling' (hell with kids), interior design (who has the money to do that properly?) and reading (does Take A Break count?). But you know what. I'm happy. Happy with a bargain. Happy with a big piece of cake and mainly happy that staying in is the new going out #livingmybestlife
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