This Year I'm Going To Be A Better Mum

I have decided in 2018 I am going to be a better Mum! That's my plan. That's my goal. As my children are that bit older now I figure that they will start to remember stuff that happens. That their memories will form the basis of their personalities when they are older. This scares the sh*t out of me. As a lover of really messed up documentaries, more often than not a scary psychopathic murderer will have done the crime due to their childhood. So 2018 I AM GOING TO BE THE BEST MUM EVER.  I ain't growing no murderers in this household!

I have decided I am going to tackle this in a variety of ways. For a start I am going to be more organised. Never again will my daughter forget her violin. Never again will my son not have his PE kit at the start of term. Whilst I know my limitations and fancy dress outfits for World Book Day will never be homemade. I will be sorted enough to not scream at my husband "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!" the night before. They will be laid out neatly and ready for at least a week.

Brownie badges will be sewn onto my girl's uniform and not hanging around the house for months until they are eventually lost. I have also decided that I am going to read the whole series of Harry Potter to her. Then she can watch the films with her children and say "Oh when Mum read these to me it was just so magical" whilst she whips out a Brownie hoody covered in badges she has kept. I am going to try and not look at my phone during episodes of PJ Masks (which is going to be really f*cking hard). I am going to present.

There was one day where I forgot my girl's violin, I forgot my son's PE kit and you know what else I did? I parked on the wrong road for school. A school I have been going to for three years. Now that's not normal. That will NEVER happen again. No child of mine will have to say "mmmm Mummy our school isn't on this street" as we get out of the car. I am going to try and get my sh*t together and be the Mum I dream I could be. Whilst I know I am fun Mum, certain things fall through the cracks and this year I am going to be on it like a car bonnet.

Wife wise? I possibly am still going to be a bit crap. There will be many waffle based meals. Sometimes if I'm feeling fancy I may shove pesto over a pasta. I will be in my pyjamas around 4pm. The washing will still overflow (that sh*t is never ending isn't it) but baby steps. Thank the Lord my mother in law moulded my husband's personality so I don't have to worry to much about him turning into a burglar or sociopath. 2018 I am ready for you. I've got a violin in one hand, a spare PE kit in the other. You're not going to defeat me...
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