Time For A Change

Firstly spoiler alert. I'm not having a baby (Stephen would leave me). I'm not getting a divorce (unless of course I have another baby). If this is the exciting news you were looking for you may leave now and going and watch Ru Paul's Drag Race. This is just a few little changes that have happened and are happening over on my blog. To keep you posted and keep you in the loop. You, the people who read my blog, like my photos and watch my videos are essentially my boss so I thought I would give you a little update.

News number one. My much beloved Facebook page is still very much as it has always been. I will post on there at least once, maybe twice a day. Due to the new algorithm (FANCY WORD ALERT). Facebook has prioritised family and friends updates over pages that you like. So for example you will be able to see if your Auntie Susan had a lovely time in Weymouth over if one of my kids has annoyed me. I've had DMs asking "but where have you gone!". I've gone nowhere so please do keep checking in on me now and again. If you like a post? It means you're more likely to get to see the next one.

News number two. If you want to see other things my family and I get up to you can always dip in and out of my instagram account here or my YouTube channel here. I post daily instastories. Which to be honest is a lot of me drinking tea and showing you crap I've bought in the sales. Again like with any social media account the more you like and engage with posts the more likely they are to crop in your feed. YouTube wise I post two videos a week at least. Hauls of more crap, vlogs and so on. I know YouTube seems a bit youth but once you get on it? You can lose HOURS.

News Number three! Now this is the most exciting bit. And you will probably think "how the hell has this happened to Emma?". I have signed to a management agency. I KNOW I MEAN THAT IS RIDICULOUS! Someone has approached me to look after me. This means the boring admin based tasks that I spent a lot of my time before school and on the weekend doing will be took over by them. They will be chatting with brands, helping with chasing invoicing which in turn leads me to be able to...

CREATE MORE CONTENT! Which is what I really enjoy doing. For the past year the admin can sometimes get in the way but now I am free to write, take photos, make videos and generally make you smile. The management team will have NOTHING to do with the content I make. There is always going to be the odd #AD here and there (except on my Facebook page) but now I can take a few more photos, hopefully write a bit more and upload longer videos. So the moral of this story is? I've not gone anywhere. I'm not going anywhere. Algorithms have changed, Stephen is still married to me. And whilst I've not got a new baby I have got a new little team who I get to be with and don't have to wipe their arses. Hoorah!

**As always in the small type at the bottom I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and love. It means the world to me...now less of the emotion and let's get on with our day.
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