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9 Alternative Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I love Mother's Day. It's the one day of the year I feel it is my right to be treated like a Princess. And whilst I adore a bunch of soggy daffs and a handmade card from my kid's school. I also want my husband to buy me a few extra cheeky treats to show that he thinks I am doing a good job. Motherhood is hard. There is no performance management. So I want him to get me something I love in lieu of a pay rise. To help your other halves with some great Mother's Day ideas, I went round the Bullring & Grand Central shops and picked out a few bits and pieces that are guaranteed to raise a smile on Sunday morning.


Grand Central

I am OBSESSED with stationery. I love pads, pens and the thought of sticky notes fills me with glee. There is a branch of Paperchase in both Grand Central & the Bullring. This year they have a lovely range of Mother's Day products on offer including some really pretty candles. Which is about the only thing I love more than stationery (oh and my children of course).


If you would like to be really adventurous and treat the Mum in your life to some make up. You can't go wrong with the Naked Palettes from Urban Decay. Lusted after by women up and down the country I still need to get my hands on Number 2. So if you're reading this Stephen? You can pick these beauties up in the Bullring's Debenhams.

Grand Central

I LOVE CANDLES! There would be nothing better to shove on on Mother's Day. Whilst you were having a bath. And totally ignoring your children as they were playing with their Dad in the garden. The Love Aroma shop in Grand Central has a fab offer on for the large Yankee Candle jars and imagine my glee when I found one that matched my coat.

No I'm not suggesting you go out and buy your loved one a Chanel handbag (although that would be the UTTER dream) there are simpler ways to get some Chanel for the Mum you are buying for. Like these nail varnishes that are available in John Lewis in Grand Central. If you're struggling for a colour, Rouge Noir is always the best place to start.

"Slippers are a rubbish present!" I hear you exclaim. But no. You are wrong. Mums love a nice pair of slippers. Preferably with a hard sole so they can nip outside in them. There is a fab range in Next at the moment including three different varieties of striped ones. THE DREAM!

I love mugs. Big mugs, small mugs, mugs with Disney Princesses on that are aimed for 7 year olds. ALL MUGS! I popped into the Bullring's Disney Store and noticed they had their amazing Chip mug back in stock. If your Mrs loves Disney? Then a Chip mug would make her squeal with glee.

OK so we are hitting the higher end of the budget here. But if you do have a bit of extra cash to throw around you could invest in some nice shoes or a handbag for Mum. I would suggest you ask her what she likes. As whilst I would LOVE this Pluto pair from Irregular Choice in the Bullring. Your other half may think you had lost the plot.

I'm not suggesting that you get jewels every year for Mother's Day but it might be nice to start off with something special for your partners first Mother's Day. My Mum loves collecting the Pandora pieces. There are branches in both the Bullring & Grand Central. Although I have to warn you. The choice is a bit overwhelming.

Forget The Present!
Another alternative to buying a super fancy gift is to take Mum out for a meal. There's loads of lovely places to eat in Grand Central and I would be quite happy if I was given a voucher and a child free afternoon to eat macaroons and have a glass of fizz with my friends.

The Bullring is open until 8pm on Saturday and Grand Central till 9pm. So if you are having a last minute panic you know where and what to pick up for the special women in your life. To find out more about either of the shopping centres check their website here.

This post was written in collaboration with the Bullring and Grand Central

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  1. I love the tour version of the gift guide around the Bullring. Mugs are a lifestyle and like I say to my partner, it's better than an alcohol or drug addiction!

    Katie xx


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