Friday, 16 March 2018

Our House Makeover...Starting With The Sofa

For those who follow me on social media you will know recently I had to say goodbye to my maroon sofa. The sofa that I sat on to feed a teeny tiny baby boy and the sofa that matched my dressing gown. It was a sad time but it did mean that I got to get a whole BRAND NEW SOFA! And there is no greater day when you're an adult than the arrival of a brand new sofa. That bit where you worry it won't fit in the room, the excitement when you pull the plastic off. THE SMELL! Towards the end of last year I worked with Sofology who gifted me our brand new sofa baby and I'm pleased to finally show her off to the world...

Sofology Review

Sofology Review

If you remember rightly Erin and I spent the day in the new Sofology branch at Elliots Field in Rugby. We had a tour of the shop and chose four of our favourite sofas. I was really taken with the Cricketer one. It was the most instagrammable chair I have EVER seen and I had visions of me sitting there taking wonderful beautiful shots of our children on it. Then I remembered I also wanted to be able to lie on it to watch Netflix and ignore my husband. The Cricketer was not ideal for this.

So we went for...drum roll please...the Bartelli. We did see it in store and I went home and had a chat with my husband and decided we loved this sofa but would prefer it in charcoal grey. We are still in the stage of our lives where are children are small, the dog is bonkers and a dark sofa makes more sense than a highly instagrammable one. We chose practicality over me getting 1000 likes on a photo. We went for a three seater sofa, an arm chair and I at the last minute also ordered a storage footstool. Which is fantastic to store blankets in and makes for an extra chair if we have friends over.

Sofology Review

I was a bit anxious at seeing our old sofa go but was over the moon when the Bartelli arrived. It fitted in our lounge brilliantly and it also meant that I HAD to go and buy a shed load of new cushions and a new rug from our local Dunelm store. It memory of the Cricketer I opted for a few velvet style cushions alongside one to match our brand new print, also from Duenlm. We are going to be painting the living room before the summer and I can't wait to see how it looks when it's all completed.

Sofology Review

Thanks so much to Sofology for providing our family with a lovely new addition. We really enjoyed our day in Elliots Field. The staff were friendly and helpful. Sofology staff don't work on commission so you are free to look around without the pressure to buy. If you are interested in the Bartelli or the ever so gorgeous Cricketer please check out the Sofology site here.

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