Friday, 22 June 2018

A Fun Day Exploring intu Derby With The Family!

Shopping with children is not for the faint hearted. Especially on a Saturday. So I was a bit apprehensive when intu Derby got in touch and asked us to visit as part of their 'Welcome To Our World' campaign. They wanted us to look around the shops, choose some of our favourite products as well as sampling the restaurants and entertainment on offer. So I roped in Stephen, got the kids in the car, took a deep breath and ventured to Derby for the day. And fortunately. We had an amazing time!

intu derby

Firstly we hit the Paradise Island Adventure Golf which the children were over the moon about. The thing about the other three members in my family is that any sport turns into a huge competition with rows and fighting. However the theming on the 19 hole course was so imaginative there was only one time I had to shout "WAIT YOUR TURN!". Around every corner was a new surprise. From a giant octopus to a huge shark to monkeys spying on us with binoculars from above. It was the best crazy golf I have ever played with the added benefit of being inside so it's perfect for any weather.

intu derby

Before we braved the shops we decided to go to one of our favourite restaurants Wagamama. It's one of the only places where we all enjoy something off the menu. I nearly screamed "KATSU CURRY PLEASE" in the waitresses face such was my delight at ordering it whilst the kids opted for a healthy grilled chicken meal. As they were quietly colouring, I briefed Stephen on all the things I wanted to pick up whilst we were in intu Derby. His eyes glazed over when I mentioned "I want to get my dream straw bag" but I wasn't deterred. I was going to be successful in my mission!

intu derby

The first shop we went to was Cath Kidston which is one of my all time favourite brands. I've always loved the patterns but when they partnered with Disney my love for Cath (I call her Cath as I like to think we are mates) went to an all time high. I swooned over their new Alice collaboration and can happily inform you I left with two mugs (see my instatories where I will doubtlessly be showing them off). Next up was Monsoon where I wanted to check out their holiday stuff and I spied a bag but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. Pop over to the intu Derby website to see the bag I finally chose. As well as some great finds for the little girl from H&M.

intu derby

After visiting a whole host of other stores including Marks and Spencer, Tiger and Debenhams we caved in and popped into Smiggle. I mean you can never just 'pop' in to Smiggle with children. We spent 30 minutes whilst the kids chose brightly coloured pencil cases as a prize for getting all ticks on their reward chart at home. I've never seen two children so happy. My five year old said it was the best day of his life. Golf, noodles and a new pencil case seems to be the way to his heart.

Thanks so much for intu Derby for inviting us along to check out their fantastic range of shops, restaurants and entertainment on offer. If you pop over to their website you will be able to see a bit more about the individual items we enjoyed in the centre as well as finding more out about whats on offer if you visit. We had a lovely day out and I feel that we may go back soon to recreate my sons "best day ever".

This post was written in collaboration with intu Derby


  1. We have a ton of BBQ leftovers but I’m seriously thinking of going for a katsu curry this week now.

  2. Of course, you and Cath are best buddies. Who would've ever questioned that!? ;)
    It seems like you had a wonderful day, and I'm sure it'll keep the two content especially with their new pencil cases! Haha xoxo


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