Thursday, 8 November 2018

Stephen Smashes Dinnertime With Soup!

One of my favourite winter meals to have with the kiddos is Heinz soup. It's an absolute classic so I was really excited when they wanted to work with us on an AD for their new Eat Well Soups, which are jam-packed full of wholesome ingredients. The only issue was that they wanted someone to cook. Either Stephen or I needed to try and come up with an equally healthy and wholesome vegetarian meal which would rival the soup. And the other one could just pop the soup in the microwave and serve it to the kids. We flipped a coin. I lost. And set about trying to find something that would equal their Tomato and Cannellini Bean Soup in both taste and goodness. Which proved impossible.

Heinz Eat Well Soup

I googled 'Easy Vegetarian Recipes' and sat there for hours trying to find something that would warm the kids up on a winter evening and be quite low in calories. I settled on a chilli that contained tomatoes, beans and onions. It was difficult to get anything around the 110 calorie option that the Heinz Eat Well soup contained so I just gave up and settled around the 250 calorie mark. I shoved my ingredients on the weekly shop order and put the thought of cooking out of my mind.

I'm just not a great cook. Never really have been. What I lose in skill I make up for in enthusiasm but sometimes when the children have got in from school and everyone is a bit tired and grumpy I just want something that is easy to make. Also I need to make sure that it's healthy for them and that they will actually eat it. Because actually getting my children to eat something I prepare is a whole other battle. I got set up in the kitchen whilst my seven year old was doing her homework and the boys were watching the tele. And got cracking on with the cooking...

...WHICH TOOK ME 40 MINUTES! Now 40 minutes is fine to cook on the weekend but I haven't got time for that after school or if we want a quick lunch winter warmer. Not only did it take 40 minutes but it also made a right proper mess. I asked Stephen to make his soup. This took. 3 MINUTES! He was so smug about it. Now for the taste test. I was a little bit worried as both contained beans and whilst my two beauties lovingly told me mine was horrible they LOVED the soup. Which I think we all knew was going to happen.

Heinz Eat Well Soup

And to be honest I didn't mind. Whilst my chill took me a year to make (it felt like it) it only actually had three vegetables in whilst the Heinz Eat Well Soup had seven. Including celery, leek and red pepper which my children would usually avoid. It's all low in saturated fat, has no added sugar and is perfect for vegetarians. So I was quite happy to pop it on our shopping list to give them on another occasion. I was also happy I didn't ever have to spend 40 minutes trying to work out how to make a flipping chilli. You can find Heinz Eat Well Soups right next to the iconic Heinz cans in the supermarket. For further information check out their site here!

Heinz Eat Well Soup

Thanks so much to Heinz for sponsoring this paid advertorial

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