Monday, 19 November 2018

What Happened When We Let The Kids Do Our Weekly Shop!

One of my favourite games to play when I was little was shops and it's something that my two also adore. There always tends to be a little scrap over who is going to be the shopkeeper and who is going to be the customer. So I was over the moon when Little Tikes got in touch with us to review their Shop 'N Learn Smart Checkout. As it meant we didn't need a shopkeeper so no more rows for me to break up. HOORAY! They also asked the children to do a fun challenge alongside all the playing and my five year old declared it to be the "best thing he has ever done". Choosing our weekly shop. I mean what could go wrong?

Little Tikes, Little Tikes Shop 'N Learn Smart Check Out, Review

Before we hit the supermarket we got the Shop 'N Learn Smart Checkout out and had a game of shops. I'm not gonna lie. I was fully invested as this is the best toy my two have had in a long while. I kept thinking back to little girl Emma and how it would have blown her mind. The shop comes complete with a working electronic conveyor belt, cash register, scanner and aisle light. Also you get a selection of scannable food to play with. These are scanned and recognised. I was gobsmacked how much like a real shop it is. I kept shouting out things like "SCAN THE PIZZA NEXT".

Then we downloaded the app on our iPad and popped that in the cash register and it was even more amazing! I did a small squeal when my five year old scanned the food and it came up on the screen. Which is going to be brilliant for him to work on his maths. Working out how much money he needs to pay for his shopping and thinking about change. It's also great for learning how to share and even though my little girl is seven she still thought the checkout was brilliant and has been playing with it ever since. After a few hours I got them to sit down and write out a shopping list so we could complete our 'weekly shop' challenge.

Little Tikes, Little Tikes Shop 'N Learn Smart Check Out, Review

I was super proud and incredibly smug when the list contained red apples, blueberries, juice and spaghetti. In fact my husband and I were a little shocked at just how sensible they were. But if you watch the video below you will see that all did not go to plan in the actual shop. The list was ditched within ten seconds and we came home with pickled onion Monster Munch, sweets in the shape of sushi and a pack of six pork pies. Alongside a host of other rubbish that you couldn't possibly live off without your teeth all falling out.

You will see in the video just how much my two enjoyed playing with the Little Tikes Shop N' Learn Smart Checkout. It is the perfect toy for a toddler and even though mine are a little bit older it is now happily living in my son's bedroom and they have spent hours playing with it. I can't wait for the summer when I can pop it in the garden and get their little mates round to play with it for hours. If you would like to find our further information on the Shop N' Learn Smart Check out please pop over to the Little Tikes website here.

Little Tikes, Little Tikes Shop 'N Learn Smart Check Out, Review

Thanks so much to Little Tikes for working with me on this paid advertisement!

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