A Very Bloggy 5th Birthday!

On 30th December 2013 I started brummymummyof2. I remember really clearly sitting in my bedroom in my old house, during that weird Twixmas time and deciding to give it a whirl. At the time I had a baby and a brand new two year old and had just gone back to work part time. Previously I was a full time head of department in a busy school and I found my new role as part time cover teacher very underwhelming. I was bored, lonely and needed something to do. So I decided to start a blog. I really wanted to start a YouTube Channel but it was six months until I had the balls to do so.

I could never imagine that five years later this would be my full time job. That something that was started on a whim would become the way I earn money for my family. A split second decision to try something new changed my life for the better forever. Not only do I get to write, take photos and film my family every day but I also get to engage with thousands of wonderful people. Who laugh at me when I'm dancing with my take away, with me when I take secret photos of my husband and hold me up when I'm feeling sad. It's such a privilege I will never be able to wrap my head around.

Gary Barlow
In 2018 I also got married! We kept it low key. If you ask him he will pretend it didn't happen

I've got to work on some amazing projects with brands in 2018 and thanks to Optimus Talent who now handle all the scary contract bits. Please click here if you would like to know how I make money from blogging and here if you would like to know the truth behind the ads. My dreams came true when Walt Disney World asked us to go over in May and review a family holiday. When the call came through it was a pinch me moment and I cried when I told my Mum. I went to LEGO in Billund, Denmark with my sister which was so much fun and made me fall in love with LEGO even more. I also became a brand ambassador for Haven which I will continue in 2019 and LOVED doing my first fashion campaign with JD Williams. The support from you lot was overwhelming as I was nervous to post photos of me prancing about in clothes.

JD Williams

You always go above and beyond and support me with my sponsored posts and for this I am forever grateful. A like, a comment or simply scrolling by without commenting "GOD I BLOODY HATE ADS" means not only do I get to work with some great brands but I also get to do the school run with my kids. And yes it drives me mad sometimes but I am so happy I am able to do this for them. Even if I shout "GET YOUR COAT ON" 782 times a day. It also gives me the time to create the non sponsored content that you hopefully enjoy. From dancing in my tights on instastories to hauls to just daft blog posts.


I'm not a super famous instamum. I'm not really in the cool gang and whilst I have made some AMAZING friends blogging. I'm not on the top of any lists for fancy parties or book launches. So if any of you are feeling like that out there. This is what you do...you make your own fancy parties. You issue your own merch. This year bi monthly I held the brummymummymeetups, with the highlight being a gin sponsored event with Unmumsy Mum. I also released my own set of brummymummymugs and with the help of friends, Nanny San and a VERY patient Post Office we sent them around the country. It brings me such joy to see all your lovely faces with mugs each day. And both the merch and paid for meetup raised stacks of cash for Birmingham's Children Hospital. So well done us!


Along with the high points of 2018 came the low point. I was fat shamed and it was bloody awful. I keep wondering if I handled it wrong. If I had kept quiet the BBC may not have picked it up and I would have been left alone. But on the other hand why should I keep quiet. Why should I not use my small space on the internet to stand up for the average woman. It was grim. The only time I nearly quit the blog. But you lot helped me through. I think we all know what I am going to end this post with. Meeting....GARY FRICKIN BARLOW. I've loved him since I was 14. LOVED HIM. I still can't believe I met him. Seriously. I think about it far too much. I MET GARY BARLOW AND DIDN'T MAKE A D*CK OF MYSELF! (Unlike when I went to This Morning, got a bit tipsy and ended up in a taxi with Alison Hammond).

So thanks to you I am living my dream. I get to be with my kids. I get to tart about in Home Bargains buying crap and showing you the crap I bought. Actual brands want to work with me. I also won a couple of awards in 2018 (when I won the UK Blog Award this year Stephen famously quoted "To be honest I didn't think you stood a chance"). And if it all ends tomorrow I can say I managed to squeeze every exciting opportunity out of this gift I have been given. Roll on 2019...I can't bloody wait...

UK Blog Awards
BOOM! (Imagine Stephen taking this, shaking his head in disbelief)

If you are interetested in my merch please check out here (restock coming in the middle of January). 
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