My Family. The Sitcom.

When I was growing up there was nothing I loved more than a good old fashioned sitcom about a family. Hands up if you remember 2.4 Children or the wonderful Linda Bellingham portraying a slightly hassled Mum in everything from TV shows to ads for gravy. They were an easy watch and everyone knew that the antics that cropped up weren't real. No-one could have that many family disasters or ridiculous situations in their homes. I used to think that life wasn't really like that was it? As when you are all big and grown up and have kids of your own everything is perfect.

Until I got all big and grown up and had kids of my own and it dawned on me that my own life currently represented a sitcom of epic proportions. But no one was watching it. I wasn't being paid to act out the "hilarious" situations that occurred and more often than not they were far more bizarre than TV ever showed it. Recent episodes include 'The Day The Dog Ate A Grape And Had To Be Rushed To The Vet To Be Made Sick And It Was Pancake Day And The Dog Vomited All Over Dad's Car' or who can forget the classic holiday edition of 'We Went To New York And Along With Our Cases We Also Flew Over Nits'. That was a GREAT one.

In recent weeks we have had World Book Day disasters. The fact my son has two pairs of school shoes and has lost one of each. So has been wearing mismatched shoes for a week. AND NON OF US NOTICED. My children will happily retell and recall (possibly in future therapy lessons) the time Mummy fell down the stairs in the cinema after Peter Rabbit and lay on the floor screaming. And the time we went to Walt Disney World and I sweated so hard my pants dyed my whole bum black and everyone panicked when I put my pyjamas on at night. To be honest I think if that was a sitcom episode then it would have for sure broken all TV viewing figures ever.

Sometimes I wonder if it's just me and my family. Are my husband and I just a bit useless. So things like mismatched shoes and 'spilling wine all over your wife 15 minutes into a seven hour flight' just naturally happen to us. I literally have no clue. The online world tends to hide away the ridiculous moments in life. Choosing to focus on the perfect ones. Which is fine. I get it. Why do you want to highlight the negative? And there's a big argument for wanting to remember all the positive perfect bits. Of which there are a lot of in my life. Especially since my two have been born.

But for me life is a journey. And those insane crazy moments of family madness will be my legacy. I know that my kiddos will tell my grandchildren about the day I dyed my bum black. Or the time it was dead exciting as the dog had to be rushed to the vets and there was sick everywhere. And like with every good sitcom, at the end it always gets tied up with a nice family moment. So the next time you drive all the way to CBeebies Land to discover it's closed or turn up at school on an INSET day. Remember it's just another episode in the sitcom of your life and by the end of it there will be cuddles, laughs and a ruddy good story to tell your mates.
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