A Very Bloggy 6th Birthday

So here we are again! My annual round up post of the year celebrating the day I decided to start brummymummyof2. I was a Mum to a baby and a toddler who had recently gone back to work two days a week after running a busy head of department in a Black Country school. Three days a week I was with my beautiful children but also during nap times I was bored AF. I wanted something just for me. I followed the odd person here and there online and it always struck me how different I was to the average social media Mum. I couldn't relate to their perfect homes and stylish clothes. I decided to shout into the black void of the internet and thankfully some of you shouted back.

2019 has been the best of years as well as the worst of years. I can't really talk about all the amazing things I've experienced without touching on the hard start of the year. As many of you will know the constant scrutiny, negativity and my own enforced online comparison led me to seek professional help. So I spent the first six months developing boundaries and really trying to realise that I am good enough. I am industry that I don't really belong in. Which in turn leaves me unsettled. It values looks, celebrity status and 'who you know' above intelligence and integrity. Which obviously is a bit different to teaching. I am now in a MUCH better headspace and thanks so much for all your support during this tricky time. I really needed it.

A highlight of 2019 was working with Alzheimers UK on their Share The Orange Campaign

Enough wanging on let's get to the good bits! This year we did two more rounds of selling my brummymummymugs. Combined with a couple of charity brummymummymeetups we raised over £2500 for the Birmingham Children's Hospital. Thanks so much if you bought a mug or attended a meet up. Mugs will be back in 2020. My Mum, the infamous Nanny San, is aiming to take over the selling of them. Will keep you posted! During the course of 2019 I held six meetups for local woman. Some like the ThinkTank for those with babies and toddlers. Whilst others like at Brewers Social were for those who enjoyed a glass of bubbles and a giggle. Make sure you sign up here to be the first to know about the ones in 2020. There will be free events as well as a couple of special events you might fancy attending.

One of the six amazing meetups! Thanks to all the brands that provided their service for free!

Work wise I was named one of the UKs most influential Mums, sat on panels at This Morning Live and Gi Fletchers Happy Baby, Happy Mum tour and I employed my first member of staff. Which I still can't comprehend! I now have an assistant who works two days a week. She helps out replying to emails, working on the meetups, scheduling tweets and moderating my YouTube comments (aka letting the lovely ones through, whilst making sure I don't see the mean ones #boundaries). She's been a joy to work with and it's so nice to have someone I can chat through all my ideas with. I've worked with some amazing brands this year on some really fun campaigns. Two that stand out were being asked to show my Mum bod for Fantasie Lingerie and helping Mark Wright open a Matalan store in Derby. Basically any excuse to use the Mark Wright photo right?

He was such a nice man. Like proper nice. Did I love him a little bit? Sure.

Thanks so much for all your support on my #ADs. I know that a minority of people hate them. But it truly is the only way that I get to produce the non sponsored content. Here is a post all about how ADs work so defo take a peek if you're not too sure. This is my job. I have to earn money and I like to think I do it with integrity and don't overwhelm you with paid for content. Also I actually on the whole really enjoy it. When a brand let's me do me and produce something really fun it's almost like a challenge to do it as creatively as possible. Every like or comment on these posts is really valuable and it's almost like a free way of paying for all the other stuff I do. But of course you are more than welcome to roll your eyes and scroll on by. We can still be mates. Promise.

One of my favourite moments in 2019!

I'm kinda glad to see the back of 2019. My head has been all over the place. I'm really excited for 2020. There's a couple of big projects winging their way towards you that I have been working on. My Disney blog is ready to go nearer our next trip and another secret one being announced in the first couple of weeks of January. I'm currently torn between fear and excitement over that one! And it's all down to you lot. Never for a second don't think I don't appreciate you and what your support allows me to do. I get to take my kids to school, be around for harvest festivals and give them magical opportunities they will never forget. I hope in return you get to enjoy following along with the adventures of an over 40, chubby and frazzled Mum. My aim is to make you smile and fingers crossed in 2019 I did that a couple of times. Love you lots.

Take a peak at how the blog has grown!
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