Perfect Arts And Crafts For Your Homeschool!

(This is a paid advertorial by wilko) Many of you reading this will be at home at the moment trying to keep your little ones occupied during this unprecedented time. You might be homeschooling, entertaining them during the weekend as you are an all important key worker or hoping to keep them busy whilst you take a conference call in another room. wilko, alongside all of its stores being open for essentials, is currently still running an online service. Which means you can order all sorts of bits and pieces to while away the hours. Ensuring your children are happy and leaving you to focus on what needs to be done around the house.

If you follow me on social media you will know that I have been running a homeschool most days. We focus on maths from 9-10am, English from 10:30-12pm and then each afternoon the children have a fun activity for 1-2 hours. I found that they really enjoy kinaesthetic tasks and getting messy. Perfect for when the weather is nice outside. Whilst my daughter was reading, my seven year old loved painting a piggy bank using one of the wilko activity sets. It came complete with a ceramic piggy bank and paints. He is going to use it to keep money in he is earning from doing chores around the house. He LOVES cleaning out stairs for some reason.

After he finished he then moved on to playing with the Squeezy Sand Dirt Monster Truck set. He adored making models out of the sand and I loved that all of the sand is confined in the box. It has a background included in it and once he had finished playing I got to shut the box and popped it straight in the shed to play with another day. wilko also has a fab range of stationery to order online. They sent us an A3 pad of paper which will be wonderful for drawing and painting on. But if you combine it with some wilko star stickers you can make a really easy reward charts. Reward charts are great for keeping your kids motivated and help to keep them focussed at home.

My children are not great at sharing. If I am organising an activity it is much better for them to work on a project individually. Not only are the different age brackets, they also have really different personalities. I asked them each to design a Harry Potter canvas for their bedrooms. We recently completed the whole set of films which they both ADORED. So this activity was right up their street. I gave them a wilko canvas each, a mixed bag of 'Let's Create' crafty bits, a set of brilliant Harry Potter stickers and glue sticks. If you plan to order anything always make sure you put glue on the list. My two get through loads of the stuff!

They worked on this task really well. Later on in the afternoon they actually used some of the crafts indoors to decorate make shift wands out of twigs. wilko also do paint and paintbrushes. So another idea would be to use the canvas's to create handprint pictures for grandparents. Or get ahead on that Father's Day present. This week we plan to use the wilko kids garden gloves to plant some sunflower seeds with Daddy. And I am sure that Squeezy sand set will be out most days. If you would like more information about any products that wilko has online to help you keep your children entertained both indoor and outdoors in the next few months, be sure to check out the link here.

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