Hello! And welcome to my blog...

My name is Emma, I'm in my 40s, live in Birmingham and am the lucky Mum to two amazing children. I also live with my lovely husband Stephen and a gorgeous puppy called Margot.

I started my blog in December 2013. I had returned to teaching part time and was looking for something to fill the hours in between watching Peppa Pig and waiting for my babies to wake up from naps. I was bored. I was lonely. And decided to shout into the black void of the internet hoping someone would shout back...thankfully...they did! I use my space on the internet to chat about the highs and lows of motherhood, body confidence, relationships, mental health and being over 40. I have the most wonderful engaged audience who I love speaking to day in and day out.

It was always my aim to show normal life. When I first started my blog the online world was awash with picture perfect homes and insta-shams of smiling toddlers. I wanted to show the warts and all side of parenting along with discussing issues we deal with as women every day. I want people to walk away from my social media accounts thinking that being ordinary can be extraordinary. If I can do stuff, whether it be running, going to therapy or rocking a swimming costume. They can too!

Since starting my blog I have been featured in press all over the world. Which is hilarious as more often than not I am working in my pyjamas in bed. I might be talking about Mum's on nights out in Australia. Popping up on the BBC in a news report about loneliness or that one time the national press covered my response to a man who thought I was really ugly. I've won countless awards and have a range of brummymummymugs that raise money for the Birmingham Children's Hospital.

For more of my day to day life come and join in the fun over on my Facebook page or follow my stories on instagram.  Every other month I organise a free brummymummymeetup so it would be fantastic if you could pop along. Subscribe to my newsletter here to find out about them first. My YouTube channel has won stacks of awards so if you fancy a nose into my life go and take a peek here.

Hope you have a lovely day and that your children go to bed this evening without a struggle.

Love Em 
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